Someone please get Justin Bieber far, far away from YG Entertainment so that he can stop taking pictures with G Dragon and Psy! Now if you don’t know the connection between all of them, let me explain...

Psy is signed to YG Entertainment, the same label as GD. Psy is also signed to the same American record label that Justin belongs to, so that’s how they’re connected.

Now the photo overall is cute, and its amazing “American” exposure for GD and Psy because, like it or not, Bieber is a god to countless young girls including my own niece (-_-). But I’m sorry, these days Bieber is being way too douche-tastic for me to handle so I’m just looking at this photo like please don’t let his messy ways be in any way, shape, or form contagious.

On a brighter note, Justin did enjoy a great meal at the famed YG cafeteria, and hopefully being in Korea will teach him, I dunno, not to pee in random buckets and spit on people.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE