Medical Students, welcome back to this week’s drama club review of the exciting medical thriller, Cross. Join DeShonda, Wendilynn and Ajummah as we discuss the continuation of last week’s cliffhanger, whether or not we can trust all the main characters, and what exactly In Kyu is planning on doing when returning to the prison.

Ajummah: I’m going to be upfront and say I didn’t like this week as much as I did last week. I wanted more action from Dr. In Kyu and I felt like he spaced out a bit too much for me. I’m sure it's just a way to build conflict or whatever but he had me screaming at my computer screen.

Wendilynn: It’s definitely a different type of week. Our darker storyline is starting to shape up.

DeShonda: I can see why you would say that. I think this weeks episodes were OK. Kang In Kyu was kind of spacey, but I knew he would get out of the sticky situations he was in. I will say that I was hanging on the edge of my seat when he was trying to save the pregnant woman after that awful car accident.

Ajummah: Oh yes that grandfather’s daughter. Oh I felt so bad for him. I really hope the surgery goes well for her and him. I’ve never heard of all these medical terms so I feel like I need to take notes on everything, lol. The congressman’s family is pissing me off though. I’ve never seen so many entitled folks in all my life. If something happens to that lady and her baby because of that wife and her ridiculous son, I’m going to be one very Ajummah.

Wendilynn: I will help you hold them down and beat some sense into them. That congressman’s family is awful. Even my 12yr old was calling them selfish babies, and he wasn’t even watching the show but could hear the whining from his room. Lol

DeShonda: I am hoping that the surgery goes well for the both of them as well. It seems like it’s a close call though as the medical team was waiting for Kang In Kyu to get to the operating room. Oh boy! The congressman’s family is a piece of work! I felt so bad for the son who wanted no parts of what he mother was getting him to do. I was mad that he gave in, but she threatened to take him out the will. That was not cool of her actions in my opinion.

Ajummah:If you could see my face right now. The congressman’s wife is a piece of work but she’s doing what she has to do to make sure her meal ticket...I mean her husband survives. There’s that saying that someone would give their first born for something they really want, well I think this lady is the prime example of it.

Anyway Kang In Kyu is so preoccupied by the girl he’s trying to save that I think he’s forgotten about the surgery he’s supposed to be doing. I feel terrible for him but I kept saying leave her to the other doctors and go help that grandfather and his family. Seriously, what did he think he was going to be able to do with those organ harvesters? Going into that meet-up was not a great idea.

DeShonda: I was hoping that Kang In Kyu didn’t forget about the main surgery. But I was saying the exact same thing you did, he needs to help the grandfather. I was screaming at the TV during that entire scene when Kang In Kyu went to that dungy, underground, makeshift hospital. I knew it was a setup and something bad was going to happen. And he did too! He was like McGuyver because he had all kinds of hidden cameras in his equipment. He knew it was some BS as well. But I am glad he got away. And speaking of setups, I don’t like what Kim Hyeong Beom is doing to that other doctor’s son. I have a feeling that situation is not going to be good at all. He is trying to butter him up for something by giving him gifts. The entire time I was like please don’t take candy from strangers young man.

Ajummah:HAHA! Yes DeShonda, I know what you mean. I think that guy might be a little slow mentally because the ENTIRE PRISON was looking at the two of them like oh that’s not a good idea. I hope he doesn’t do anything bad to that guy because he seems really sweet.

Speaking of those who are getting the short end of the stick, let’s talk about Lee Joo Heyok, the doctor that botched the other surgery due to his hand shimmies. I feel so bad for him to be under all that pressure and this week’s flashback clearly showed he had some type of trauma done to his arm. I want to root for him but I feel like his dad and the hospital chairman are going to cause him to do something horrible. Well more horrible than what he already did.

Wendilynn: He needs to tell his dad to stuff it and stand up to him. He could easily get lost to his dad’s corruption.

DeShonda: Oh I feel bad for Joo Heyok as well. I was glad that did show what happened to him because I was wondering. I know I really want to root for him as well. I feel like something shady is going to happen that involves him. And speaking of horrible, who is this Son Yeon Hee? And what is the link between her and Kang In Kyu? Something is up with her because she obviously knows him, however he does not remember her. The interaction between them is strange and the way she looks at him is strange. She needs to reveal herself. I wonder if she is a sibling perhaps? Girlfriend? Or just a colleague? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ajummah: I think it’s the sister. Like maybe she was the heart transplant recipient or something. She keep clutching her chest whenever she sees him. I don’t know though, maybe this is going to be a love triangle. I guess we’ll have to wait to see next week.

I am wondering what Hyeong Beom is going to do when he finds out the In Kyu ran out on his operation. I hope he doesn’t try to murder him. THough I wonder how much time Hyeong Beom has left. His health looks like it’s rapidly deteriorating.

DeShonda: I think Hyeong Beom is not going to be happy about what happened with that bogus operation. The first thing that came to my mind was he would possibly try to kill Kang In Kyu as well. But I know that Kang In Kyu will be one step ahead if that were to happen. Yeah, Hyeong Beom is getting sicker and sicker. I bet he hangs on a bit longer just before Kang In Kyu puts the nail in the coffin. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen to Hyeong Beom as Kang In Kyu continues to give him doses of whatever meds he is giving him.

Wendilynn: I’m not usually the unforgiving type, but I find great satisfaction in having that scumbag six feet under. I think this week was a test to see how far he was willing to go. They have to be just as careful as Kang In Kyu is being.


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