Hello, and welcome, our dear Medical Students, to the beginning of the Cross Drama Club. We’ve been through a lot during these first two episodes, so please join Wendilynn, DeShonda and me, Young Ajummah, as we dissect the important moments of this week's Cross.

Ajummah: We started off with a bang with this drama. I am so interested in seeing how Kang In-Kyu will handle his revenge. I actually liked how the drama gave us the main backstory right upfront instead of making us wait half the episodes to find out why In Kyu was going after people. I’m sure we will find out more information but I think this is a good start. What do you ladies think?

Wendilynn: I don’t think In Kyu has smiled since the death of his sister. That’s what struck me about these first episodes. He’s just dead inside. Which is a really interesting way to start off this character. I wasn’t expecting him to be emotionally dead. All he has is his revenge and its let nothing else flourish. You are right though, the backstory was filled in early. Horrific to say the least. A drama based on the corruption of the organ donor trade is not for the weak of stomach. Speaking of stomachs, we’re getting quite a bit more gore in this show than I’ve seen in past medical dramas. I don’t think Romantic Teacher Kim nor Doctor Stranger got this graphic right away. I always felt the camera stayed just to the side of the surgery just a bit, this time, we were sitting right over the body cavity.

DeShonda: I also think that this was a great start of this series. It started off at a nice pace for me and left me on the edge of my seat every minute. It was very nice to see the backstory of Kang In Kyu very early on. You are correct about the gore factor Wendilynn. This one is definitely more graphic than the others mentioned.

Ajummah: I actually mentioned this to my Twitter feed! The gore factor is definitely turned up to 1000. The visuals are crazy and the sounds that were being made was unbelievable! I actually took off my headphones to finish watching the drama because I actually felt nauseous listening to the surgeries. In Kyu feels like he doesn’t have anything for him to smile about. It was such a devastating scene of his father’s body being discovered. The big baddie, Hyeong-Beom, was so cold and callous. I’m rooting for In Kyu to get his revenge on him very quickly. I’m also curious to see if the revenge will spread to In Kyu’s mentor, Dr. Go. I feel like there is some not good stuff going on in his past.

Wendilynn: Oh, the “not good stuff” is in spades if the hints are anything to go by. This is the illegal organ trade we’re talking about. And I noticed a harvester hanging around In Kyu since he has that rare blood factor. I’m of two minds about Dr. Go. I think he knows way more than he’s letting on, of course. As a doctor, I’m sure he knew a lot about why their dad was killed. And I see this situation with the congressman forcing them to face that past. That older gentleman who keeps telling the doctors what to do on behalf of the congressman is probably corrupt enough to buy organs.

DeShonda: The story that I am interested in is what does Dr. Go actually know. I agree that he definitely knows more that he is not saying. But I am sure the info that he knows will come out in the light soon enough.

Ajummah: It’s too early for me to say if Dr. Go is 100% evil. I know he’s guilty but I’m wondering what it is. Something that struck my curious button, why didn’t Dr. Go’s daughter know In Kyu? If Dr. Go was his mentor and foster child, why didn’t she know who he was? Also was she trying to flirt? I know it was there in the previews for next week, but I feel like there were some flirting coming from her.

Wendilynn: Remember, her mother divorced her dad, so I assumed she was living with mom during the time he had foster custody of the two siblings. In Kyu doesn’t seem to be aware of who she is, either. Or if he does, he’s not saying anything yet.

Ajummah: His mind is probably just wrapped up with Hyeong Beom. It seemed like he had come up with a plan to kill him in the first 5 minutes. He isn’t going flat out crazy, either. He decided to use the whole medicine cocktail he created for him to have him die a slow, painful death.

He also needs to worry about the other doctor in the prison since he knows his secret. He might be quiet about it now but I feel like he’s going to spill the beans sooner rather than later.

Wendilynn: I wish he wouldn’t be so obvious about killing the inmate. I wish he was being more controlled about it. Too many people know about it now. It's crazy and careless. I wish these revenge dramas would show someone who is calculating and careful. They’ve been dwelling on this for a decade or more. He got perfect scores in school and on his board certification. Come on, you are going to tell me he doesn’t know how to be careful? Puh-lease.

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn. I wish that he was more discreet about killing the imate too. I’m sure Kang In Kyu knows how to be careful. I just hate that his secret is out in the open. That other doctor could open his mouth and talk, but Kang In Kyu knows his background too so he has something over his head.

Ajummah: Good point! I didn’t even think about that. I just figured that he knew to be careful but didn’t care. He doesn’t care about anything but his revenge. I saw his face when he found out that he had saved the life of the man who help killed his father. He probably didn’t realize that would happen. He’s acting real reckless and while I enjoy a good crazy man, he might be overdoing it. People talk and it’s only a matter of time before he does something regrettable.

Wendilynn: You have a point, he might not care about getting caught. Its not like he has something to live for. But if you want someone to be in pain and suffer a long time, getting hit with a malpractice complaint after day 1 seems a tad careless. I will say this though, our actors are doing a FABULOUS job. I was so ready for Go Kyung Pyo to play a serious character and he has NOT disappointed.

Ajummah: I can’t recall watching him in anything else but he definitely has done a solid performance in this drama. I think all the actors are solid which is a rare thing, lol. I started crying so hard when the Grandfather was talking about his grand daughter so even the supporting cast are strong.

DeShonda: I agree, the actors are doing a great job. Go Kyung Pyo is one of my favorite actors and everything I have seen him in has been amazing. So far his role in this series is different from the others I have seen him in and so far I love it.

Wendilynn: Oh, poor Grandpa. And his daughter is sitting on the side of the road possibly dying with a baby in her stomach. My heart just wrenched when I realized it was his family. Maybe, just maybe, this will make In Kyu’s heart open up, just a little.

Ajummah: Wasn’t that crash horrific??? I kept checking my mirrors and side mirrors to make sure nothing like that was going to happen to me while I drive. I wanted to reach through my screen to slap the mom when she said she took her daughter's seatbelt off. That’s a big nono in the parenting handbook.

Wendilynn: Oh, yeah, I was yelling at my tv screen “put that seat belt back on” That crazy impatient driver really was a jerk though. People have to learn to be more patient, but they have a problem with that.

DeShonda: That crash was horrible. The driver that caused the crash was crazy. I just hope that Kang In Kyu will be able to help save everyone that was hurt.

Ajummah: I really hope they are able to save everyone that was in that accident. It was so crazy! I wonder why the man speeding was speeding? Maybe he was under the influence of something.In Kyu might work harder on saving the family now that he recognizes who they are.

Wendilynn: As long as they don’t let Doctor Lee near them. I’m not sure I’m going to like him. I get that he has an injured hand, but he lets his dad put him in compromising situations. And Dad is as corrupt as we hate to believe head doctors can be.

Ajummah: In my opinion that whole hospital needs to be shut down. They are corrupt and it's going to get someone killed. How and why were they disciplining Dr. Go for doing his job? I know the hospital director is going to find another way to get back at Dr. Go. We’ll just have to wait until next week to see what it is!

So what are your thoughts on the first episodes of Cross? Was it everything you expected or did you feel like it lacked something. Let us know in the comments below and we will see you next week!

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