Kang In Kyu has had a busy week, successfully tracking down Hyung Bum 3 times and nearly catching him. This time though, he didn't leave empty-handed, finding Hyung Bum’s money and causing all hell to break lose! Accomplices are in jail spilling their guts, donors are less afraid of their families becoming the next victims and are starting to talk and in the middle of all this, our VIP starts to clean house. Chief Go has met the end we were expecting and now its a race to see who can catch who first. Join Young Ajummah, Deshonda and I, Wendilynn, as we talk about all the twists and turns of Cross.

Ajummah: Lots of progress in these episodes. We know who VIP is now and let me tell you, I wasn’t really surprised to find out who it is. As a matter of fact, I yelled “I KNEW IT” when it was confirmed. We said goodbye to the ahjussi that In Kyu helped. I’m glad he didn’t die but I felt bad that he had to go to jail. Actually, I’m still confused about that. He went jail because he pretended to be someone else? Even though the person paid him? And will that happen to all the donors that were basically forced into giving up their organs?

Wendilynn: I do and don’t understand why the donors are getting in trouble. After all, it used to be a big problem with the rich buying people to donate their organs. The rules changed to try and stop that, making it family only. But, when you know these people are also having their families threatened if they don’t donate, it makes it feel a tad unfair. I loved that In Kyu was paying for his wife’s medical costs. Just when you think he’s losing his mind and going crazy, he shows us how caring and loving he really is. I LOVED what he did with Hyung Bum’s money. That. Was. Brilliant!

DeShonda: I was not surprised when the VIP was revealed either. In Kyu definitely did a good thing with Hyung Bum’s money. I thought that was very generous of him. The look on Hyung Bum’s face was priceless.

Ajummah: YES! I clapped at that. I’m a really loud drama watcher, now that I think about it, lol. Hyung Bum was freaking pissed! I don’t know what he was going to do with that money. Maybe flee the country? He definitely wasn’t going to get his sidekick, Man Sik, out of jail. He made that abundantly clear. I actually felt a little bad for him. Man Sik kept things going while Hyung Bum was in jail for what, 15 years? He orchestrated his breakout and helped him with his health and as soon as he got caught, Hyung Bum said later. If I were Man Sik, I would be singing like a bird! Telling the cops every little detail in exchange for a lighter sentence. Also, since when can civilians go and talk to prisoners like In Kyu did? He waltzed in there like he was part of the task force.

Wendilynn: I will happily watch Man Sik rot in prison. I think he needs some girlfriends too. The little slimeball. In Kyu went and talked to the officer right before. He probably convinced him he could get him to sing and then he happily handed over all the evidence he promised to get rid of. I was so happy when they said later that they had all the surveillance footage. Man Sik was very loyal though up until he got screwed. If Hyung Bum hadn’t abandoned him, he would have never broke. It just kills me that callus way they talk about killing people. I have to admit, that bugs me in all the scenes Hyung Bum is in. That actor is doing a fabulous job playing such a terrible character. Wow..

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn, Man Sik is exactly where he belongs. I felt sorry for him as well. I had a feeling that Hyung Bum was going to use him like a rag doll. I think the actor that is playing Hyung Bum is doing an amazing job as well. He’s on my list for best villain of 2018 so far.

Ajummah: He is, isn’t he? I guess I’ve been in the dark side of kdramas too long. The only thing that makes me sick to my stomach is children being tortured and/or killed (thanks for that Voice and Save Me). I’m wondering what’s going to happen now that he seems to have an upper hand on VIP. Shoot, he’s calling all the shots! I knew that Dr. Go would be leaving the show but I thought it would be because of the illness. Interesting turn events on that.

Wendilynn: I figured they’d be killing him, and they decided to go with both options. Illness and hit and run. I have to wonder about Director Son though. He made a comment to his PR guy that they had to get rid of all the documents dealing with VIP. Which made me think there is someone even higher up than him. He was clearly the Hospital contact, making the orders. But.. I have to wonder, did he get into the organ donor trade trying to heal his daughter or did he start the organ donor trade for his daughter? I have a sneaky suspicion he’s not our top guy. And I thought for sure he was our main baddie. However, the chances of his daughter having In Kyu’s father’s heart is about 100% at this point.

Ajummah: I thought she had In Kyu’s sister’s heart. Hmmm maybe it is the father though? All I know is she would grab her chest every time she would see him. To the point that I thought she was going to be a love interest. Now, though, she seems committed to Lee Joo Heyok. I hope he isn’t in any funny business. I like him now. *sigh* I like all the younger doctors now. OH! And the older doctor who always wears the beanie. The anesthesiologist. He’s awesome.

DeShonda: Now I wonder what will happen this week? We know Dr. Go is gone. Will it push In Gyu over the edge? What about the younger Dr. Go? I saw in up coming clips that the director is gunning for her, telling her to quit and what not.

Wendilynn: I forgot all about his sister. You’re right, she probably is the recipient of the sister’s heart. Kid to kid. Director Son has to try and clear house if he’s going to not go down burning. Everyone that is a threat to him or connected to In Kyu will be on the chopping block. You could tell these episodes were dealing with a story change. All the character’s felt a little different. It will be interesting to see who takes over or how they change now that Chief Go is gone.

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