Welcome back Medical Students! We’ve almost made it to the end. These past two episodes are all about protecting Yeon Hee and having pseudo enemies become friends to protect the ones they love. Join Ajummah, Wendilynn and DeShonda as they discuss the beginning of the end of Cross!

Wendilynn: Let me tell you, these two episodes really kept me glued and now I’m waiting with baited breath for the last two episodes. Oh my gosh…. As all the pieces fell into place and our core group started figuring out the truth, I loved how In Kyu and Joo Hyuk sort of teamed up to protect Yeon Hee and take down everyone else. I have to admit, I’m sort of in love with these two guys now.

Ajummah: YES! I am here for these two episodes. They took me back to the first two episodes when I was hollering at the screen. In Kyu and Joo Hyuk have somehow developed a bromance of sorts as they work together, like you said. One minute they’re arguing over what In Kyu is going to do and the next they are laying traps for the big baddies. I have no idea how they plan on getting themselves out of the tight spot we saw them in at the end of episode 14 but I’m super excited to watch them do it.

DeShonda: These two episodes were indeed my favorite. They really had me on the edge of my seat! I am looking forward to seeing how this situation turns out. I really love In Kyu and Joo Hyuk teaming up together as well. I was hoping that they would work together.

Wendilynn: I was so worried that Joo Hyuk would decide to become an obstacle to protect Yeon Hee but then they revealed that his dad stopped being a doctor after he performed the surgery that saved her life. So, I guess his dad had some conscience...sort of. But I really just loved that Joo Hyuk refused to live trapped like his father was. We already knew In Kyu was committed to bringing them down, even using his own life to do it. He had nothing to lose. But Joo Hyuk truly loves Yeon Hee.

Ajummah: These dads...woof. They are both a bunch of dogs. They are killing folks left and right, paying off those who they can’t kill, and making a HUGE mess of things. Jumping around a bit but DID YOU SEE HOW YOON HEE’s DAD TRIED TO BRIBE JI IN?!?! Sorry for yelling but I was highly, HIGHLY upset with this scene. You had her dad killed but that wasn’t enough. You tried to get her to leave the hospital by paying her. I would have thrown the stack of money back in his face. Or at least have some type of retort for him. Joo Hyuk and In Kyu seemed to have figured everything out fairly quickly once they found out Yeon Hee’s blood type. I know Joo Hyuk must feel horrible because of his father’s actions.

DeShonda: The fathers are a hot mess and I am getting sick of them. I did notice how Yoon Hee’s father tried to bribe Ji In. It made me mad as well. I was happy that In Kyu and Joo Hyuk were teaming up together. I did not expect that to happen, but it makes sense.

Wendilynn: When Director Son tried to bribe Ji In and then made that snide comment about pride and poor people, I literally screamed at the TV: “It's called knowing right from wrong asshole!” lol Director Son is willing to kill everyone or let them take the fall to protect himself and I think Joo Hyuk’s dad knows that. He could easily be next and all he can do is try to protect his son. His son isn’t going to let himself be protected though. And now I guess we’re going to have to see how quick Joo Hyuk can think on his feet.

Ajummah: Ever since Joo Hyuk found out Director Son talked to Joo Hyuk without him, he’s been so standoffish. Threatening him, not smiling or having their little meetings to discuss how they were going to handle things. I think he’s done with Director Son. Speaking of which...how in the world did Director Son convince his assistant to take the fall for something he did. I know he has a lot of money but I would have laughed in his face if he asked me to go to jail for something I didn’t do. Is going to school abroad really that important? I don’t think it is.

DeShonda: I had the same question Ajummah. I was wondering how the Director convinced his assistant. That entire scene made me mad too. His assistant was innocent and did not want to get caught up in Director Son’s mess.

Wendilynn: Well, he did doctor paperwork, so he is guilty of fraud and being part of the game. BUT, if the director went down, so would he. He was going down no matter what. If you are facing possible jail anyway, sending your kids to another country where they won’t be bullied for having a father who bought organs illegally would be a bonus, I’m guessing.

Ajummah: I’m still against it but I guess. I suppose this is something they will tie up in the last two episodes. Probably. Maybe. Shoot, who knows. As long as In Kyu and Joo Hyuk get out of that room alive with Yeon Hee and the big baddies go down, I’m okay. There doesn’t even have to be a love line or anything like that.

DeShonda: I agree with you! I just want In Kyu and Joo Hyuk to get out of that room. I have a feeling they will get out alive. I hope they finally catch Hyeon Bum and he doesn’t disappear again. I swear that man has nine lives.

Wendilynn: I honestly don’t know if Yeon Hee will be able to accept Joo Hyuk knowing what his father and her father did. But, I want Joo Hyuk to win her heart. As for In Kyu, I’m so grateful they did not give him a love line. They’ve kept him and Ji In at this co-worker/brother-sister thing and I’ve been very grateful for it. He had no room for a love line and I”m so glad they didn’t go there.

Ajummah: Right. Sometimes I get worried because writers try to cram a bunch of stuff the last two episodes. Yeon Hee and Joo Hyuk...hopefully they will go to Germany like he wanted in the end. It might take her a while to get over what her father did but I want her to find peace. Same for In Kyu and Ja In. They’ve been through so much.

That’s it for this week! Make sure you join us next week as we talk about the finale of medical drama, Cross!

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