Hello everyone! Greetings from our final review of the drama Cross. In Kyu has caught all the bad guys but it almost cost him a more precious life. As the investigations wrap up, dilemmas abound as In Kyu faces the consequences of all his actions. With Ji In by his side as sister and friend, can he finally learn to put the past to rest and find the happiness his Dad, Sister and Dr Go always wanted for him? Join Young Ajummah, DeShonda and me, Wendilynn, as we look at how these last two episodes help the story of Cross to reach its final conclusion.

Ajummah: As far as dramas go, this ended as well as could be expected. I had a few small grievances but overall I liked the way it ended. I’m glad that Dr. Lee and the Director Son got what was coming to them. I’m happy that Yeon Hee was saved and that she survived the aftermath. Shoot, I’m even glad that In Kyu learned how to drive, haha.

Wendilynn: lol, that scene was funny! As for Dr. Son, I wanted to shake some sense into her. Her having heart failure did not mean it was her fault that her dad choose greed and easy money from the illegal organ trade. She is unnecessarily causing her and Dr. Lee so much pain. And Dr. Lee needed to kiss her. I do appreciate that we had no obvious romantic storyline, but his quiet love for her needed to come out into the open. When she told him not to wait for her, and started walking toward the plane… boy…. He just stood there crying. He needed to hold her, kiss her and remind her that she isn’t at fault and deserves to be loved, dammit.

DeShonda: I must say that I enjoyed this drama overall. I am satisfied with the ending as well. I thought it was cute that In Kyu finally learned how to drive. That was one of my favorite scenes. It was nice to have a little comic relief within this drama. I agree that the Director and Dr. Lee deserved what was coming to them. I wanted a bit more romance between Dr. Son and Dr. Lee as well.

Ajummah: Exactly! I kept thinking, he’s going to go after her, he’s going to go after her...but he didn’t! And then when she said don’t wait for me?!?! OMG! I said you’ve gotta be kidding me. This was one of the grievances I had with the drama. Ah well, I guess it was better than them being too lovey dovey. I wouldn’t have liked that either.

Another grievance I had was the way Hyung Bum died. Not who killed him, per say, but that In Kyu didn’t have more to do with it. There was all this build up throughout the drama and then for him to go to jail with no further interaction, I felt a bit let down.

Wendilynn: I didn’t have a big problem with that. I did have a problem with the media sort of ignoring the fact that he was a murderer and organ harvester as they obsessed over a doctor making him sick on purpose to kill him. Can we say justified? Lol! I thought all of it was so silly. I liked who finally got him. I actually liked that In Kyu was called to the ER but didn’t actually touch Hyung Bum as he died. That kept the chance of anyone saying he further interfered with Hyung Bum out of it. But there was something apropo about him calling the time of death. It felt like the closing of that door to the past.

DeShonda: I was not expecting Hyung Bum to die like he did. I thought for sure he was going to die by the hands of In Kyu. I was kind of satisfied that Hyung Bum’s wronged assistant got final revenge. I was hoping it would have been In Kyu though.

Ajummah: I guess so. I do like who killed him too. I was actually surprised. I thought he was a rat faced slime ball that fell apart when Hyung Bum didn’t bail him out of jail. Guess the joke’s on me, err well him. Those were the only two problems I had. I liked how we know In Kyu and Ji-in are probably in a relationship though they were fast on denying it when the high schooler started asking questions.

Wendilynn: That was cute. Although I don’t think they are in a deep romantic relationship. I really saw them sort of bond as siblings first. I think ultimately, they will get there because they both have gone through the same emotional journey with all of this, but I appreciated that they weren’t there yet.

DeShonda: I thought that was very cute. I can only speculate that Ji In and In Kyu are in a relationship. I saw them as siblings as well but they are good together and I think they need to stick by one another.

Ajummah: It was like they actually were having a normal relationship. Sometimes I think dramas make it REAL obvious the relationship is fake. This, I could see happening in real life. I wonder what will happen at the prison? I know that the doctor there had to turn in the medical information to the police but what happened after that? Did Hyung Bum get charged for his son’s death?

Wendilynn: That’s where I thought it got silly. Who flipping cares who poisoned the murdering organ harvester? Be thankful he’s dying of kidney failure. I know, callus of me maybe, but I was hoping the prison doctor would have turned in documents that would show that Hyung Bum got sick all on his own. But, they kept the prison doctor straight the whole show. At least In Kyu got a relatively light slap on the wrist all things considered.

Ajummah: Yes because by the way they were acting, I thought he would at least get a year or something. Also didn’t they say his license was suspended? Or revoked? I’m not sure.

Wendilynn: He got three months of probation and suspension as it was his first offense. Mr I’m-a-cop-so-I’ll-arrest-you-anyway was a jerk. He knew better but acted like In Kyu was nothing but a person on paper. After everything, I just didn’t understand why everyone was acting like Hyung Bum’s poisoning case was a bigger concern than what he was in jail for. It just seemed a little off. Director Son admitted to ordering or killing everyone and that was no big deal, but OH NO, a doctor poisoned the killer of his father to get him to confess and find the culprits. Just seemed backwards to me.

Ajummah: I think overall, this drama gets a solid B from me. How about everyone else?

DeShonda: I agree with you. I really enjoyed this drama overall and it will be in my top 10 dramas of 2018. I love the actors and I think they did a good job. I enjoyed the storyline and characters as well.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on this one, this was a solid show with some minor flaws that didn’t really take away from the overall story. The actors did a good job in their roles. Go Kyung Pyo did a good job, I thought, as the conflicted In Kyu. Watching him try to fight his caring nature so he could go after revenge was actually very compelling for me.

Those are our final thoughts on this intriguing revenge drama. What did you think of In Kyu's story as he tried to stop the illegal organ trade and get justice for his father?

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