Plans are frustrated as Kim Hyung Bum discovers the truth behind In Kyu’s past. While In Kyu wants to focus only on revenge, the hospital and the caring patients within it keep pulling at his heart. From the young girl he rescued to the daughter of the old prisoner, In Kyu just can’t keep his caring heart encased in ice. Will the burden of all he wants to do overwhelm him and can he survive now that the black market group knows he’s a traitor? Join Deshonda, Young Ajummah and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss these newest developments in these episodes of Cross.

Ajummah: I started off not liking this week’s episodes because I felt they were spending too much time on the Congressman’s surgery but things started picking up. I’m glad that In Kyu was able to save the girl and then work on the grandfather’s daughter but I was fussing at the screen because no one in the operating room seems to have a problem with him having a nosebleed while performing surgery. Clearly he was overtired and could have easily have made a careless mistake.

Wendilynn: Nor did he have those magnifying glasses the other doctor was wearing. He didn’t even refuse them “because I can see just fine”. They just didn’t bother giving him any. I’m of two minds about what type of surgeon he is. I can’t tell if he’s extremely gifted or extremely careless. I’m really bothered that all the secrets we are aware of so far have come out so easily and so early.

DeShonda: I was very happy that he saved the girl as well. I was even more happy when he took time out to visit her and offer to help her with medical bills. However I was concerned about him doing that surgery. He almost passed out! It was definitely a close call.

Ajummah: This week was full of secrets wasn’t it? Go Ji In found out that her father was In Kyu’s foster parent, In Kyu’s identity secret was revealed to Hyung Bum, and everyone seems to now know that Prisoner 4718 is the doctor’s son. Speaking of, I feel so bad about that whole situation. Hyung Bum shouldn’t have messed with that kid. He didn’t have anything to do with In Kyu and his plan of revenge. I know that Hyung Bum is a murderer and only cares about himself and making money but good grief, he’s the lowest of the low.

Wendilynn: He’s absolutely the lowest of the low. But, as a way to distract so he could escape, the doctor’s son was an easy target. We know Hyung Bum is a former doctor of some kind. He’d know exactly how to screw with diabetes so that he’d have cover to escape. By both doctors being gone, it was easy enough to screw around with the ambulance. If the doctors had been there, he’d have been easily fixed. No escaping.

DeShonda: I absolutely agree! I did not like Hyung Bum getting close to Prisoner 4718. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to him. I really hope he survives.

Ajummah: I guess now the show has truly started. I was wondering how we were going to get 16 episodes out of this drama if In Kyu was so easily found out. Now he has to do whatever he can to track down Hyeong Beom. I bet he is wishing he’d killed him straight away instead of toying with him.

Ajummah: I’m also wondering where Go Jung Hoon fits in all of this. Did he do something illegal like In Kyu thinks or did he really just have his best intentions at heart?

Wendilynn: That is the million dollar question. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’d donated In Kyu’s sister’s organs to save his sick daughter. I think he knows a lot more about all this black market donor stuff than he wants to admit, especially to In Kyu.

DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing as well. I’m still trying to figure out what part Go Jung Hoon fits into this equation as well. I actually was thinking the same thing as you were Wendilynn.

Ajummah: Either that or somehow the other doctor, Son Yeon Hee is a recipient of an organ. Did you see every time she sees In Kyu, she clutches at her chest? At first I thought it was going to be a love triangle of sorts but maybe her heart is remembering her brother? It sounds crazy, I know, but anything is possible, right?

Wendilynn: This would not be the first transplant drama that suggests that the organs remember previous relationships. I thinks something is up with these two women. I just would not be surprised. But, now that we know Dr. Go is sick and facing paralysis, what is he going to do to “make things right”? I get that he wants to save In Kyu, but why does he keep beating the dead horse of having him work for him. In Kyu wants nothing to do with him, and yet, he keeps acting like they are just having a mild disagreement about whose turn it is to do dishes.

Ajummah: Maybe we’ll learn more about it next week. I felt bad that In Kyu turned down his invitation to dinner but then I remembered that, hey, Dr. Go did donate his sister’s organs without permission.

Wendilynn: And was unrepentant about that fact.

With Hyung Bum's escape, whose game of cat and mouse will this become? In Kyu will not let Hyung Bum live and Hyung Bum can't afford to keep In Kyu alive, either. Will Dr. Go try to save a child bent on self destruction? What did you think of these episodes? Tell us in the comments below.

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