Actress Jun So Min celebrated the Cross finale with an interview on Friday. In the interview, she shared thoughts on actor Jo Jae Hyun leaving the show early, the atmosphere on set, her acting philosophy, and the #MeToo movement. Scroll down to reveal her thoughts!

On Jo Jae Hyun:

“I was told the story didn’t change much [after Jo Jae Hyun left]. We simply filmed what would’ve happened later. My job was to film in a way that wouldn’t make the audience uncomfortable. The actors and staff members did their best. It was not a big challenge,” the actress said, adding that she never got to see or talk with Jo Jae Hyun after the incident.

On the Filming Set:

As to the Cross filming set, So Min said, “It’s a dark drama so the atmosphere wasn’t so cheerful. When I was with friends of the same age, we joked around and stuff, but in general we didn’t talk much because we were all focused on our roles."

“[The incident] didn’t change the atmosphere on the film set. But it bewildered me a bit. I didn’t have the chance to talk with him after the incident.”

Her Acting Philosophy:

“I wasn’t too shaken [about the incident]. I started acting in high school and all throughout my twenties, so acting is hardwired in me. I had to be firmly grounded for the audience watching our show.”

On the #MeToo Movement:

“This is such a big issue that I talk about it a lot with friends. Many of them are wounded, big or small. Those hurtful events shouldn’t have happened. We talk about the things that might have passed unknowingly for some but wounded the others."

“My friends who work in the office talk about it too. These incidents can happen anywhere regardless of where you work. People may think it happens more in the entertainment industry because our faces are out there, but these incidents shouldn’t be happening in any industry.”

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