Crush wasn't as thrilled as Goblin fans were when his song went viral.

Recently, the R&B singer got candid in an interview with MU:CON Seoul 2017 about his true feelings regarding his chart-topping song "Beautiful." The 25-year-old artist/producer's career was drastically affected by the song's success, and he worried the ballad would limit his genre. He lives and breathes R&B and hip hop, however, he felt fans of "Beautiful" may only expect the ballads from him. 

"When it hit number 1 on music charts, I honestly had a flood of different emotions. People around me congratulated me a lot which made me feel really good, but at the same time, there was a sense of bitterness as well." 

He added: "Honestly, whenever I went to concerts and events, the audience already remembered me by connecting the song 'Beautiful' to my name, which I'm obviously thankful for. However, because it was such a different style of music compared to what I was aiming for, I did fall into a pit musically." 

He eventually accepted the fact that listeners love his music. Crush is delighted that he is reaching a new audience. "But now, I've decided not to deny that because when fans listen to my music and they enjoy it, it becomes my own style."

Crush also found soundtrack stardom on the It's Okay, That's Love OST with the single "Sleepless Night". Songstress Punch was featured on the track that sold over 600,000 copies. 

Don't forget to relive his recent OST track "Beautiful" once more through the music video below:

Learn more about Crush at this month's MU:CON Seoul 2017, which is a music-filled conference/showcase, that runs in South Korea from September 26 to 28. 

Are you interested in hearing more songs from Crush after "Beautiful"?


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