You have to admit, despite the slippery and slimy-looking texture of its skin, a seal looks like its just about the most cuddly animal alive. So it makes perfect sense that Japan's premiere online brand specializing in cute and amusing products would come out with a very special seal pillow case that lets you come home to a plump, smiling seal waiting to be held.

This special pillow case does way more than just look cute. Designed specifically for use in the summer, the material is made out of an elastic soft polyester, which not only keeps it feeling cool, but also allows for maximum storage of your winter blankets and whatever else you don't need for the hot season. The seal is 149 centimeters tall and 72 centimeters wide, so depending on what you store inside it, it can get pretty large and cushiony - perfect for a nighttime companion for anyone who's single. So besides being the cutest pillow cover around, it also serves as a very useful storage of sorts! But because of its high quality and attention to detail, this adorable seal from Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! label will set you back 8900 yen, which is about 81 US dollars, and is available only for a limited time until July 19th.

If baby seals are more your thing (and your budget), they are available as well for only 2200 yen, or about 20 US dollars. They were made to resemble two-week-old baby seals, with four different types of lovable expressions. They are only 43.5 centimeters tall and 28 centimeters wide, so they won't fit much, but they can become the cutest pillows. Unlike the adult seals, the babies will be available for purchase until August.

Unfortunately, Fellisimo's website offers options for foreign residents, but that section of their website is currently disabled. For those of you still interested in checking out their website, go HERE.


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