If you've ever felt victimized by false advertising, you'll know how some customers of this maid cafe/steakhouse must have felt the minute they walked in the front door. The poster advertising the restaurant in the front window shows five scantily-clad maids posing for a picture. But once you step inside, the maids not only look different . . . they're not even the same gender!

The Noble Family Steakhouse in Taipei is not attracting customers so much for its steak as it is for its servers, who are dressed in maid costumes. A Taiwanese McDonald's franchise made headlines a few years back with their employees all outfitted as maids, but they were all actually females. At Noble Family Steakhouse, maids will take your orders and serve you alright, but the only thing maid-like about them is their outfits. Yes, this restaurant is Taiwan's first gender-bending maid cafe of its kind, where dudes dress up as maids to entertain customers. It does look like it would be a lot of fun to eat here, but unfortunately, not many customers seem to be talking about the quality of the actual food served here, at least not yet.

It definitely is a fun gimmick, and if I was a tourist, or even living in Taipei, I'm sure I'd give this steakhouse a shot, just for the experience. Besides, the maids seem so pleasant and happy, I'm sure I will literally "enjoy my meal," regardless of how good my steak was. So if you're ever in Taipei, check out The Noble Family Steakhouse, where you, your friends, and family are guaranteed a very special experience.

False advertising!

"Thanks for coming to Noble Family Steakhouse. Come again!"

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