Have you e-met Rino the adorable Japanese girl who absolutely LOVES the various world's dishes her mother makes for her? The little girl is the star of her mother's YouTube series, "Rino which eats world various dishes." The little girl waits patiently as her mother prepares the dishes, and after the dishes are laid out, her mother explains the dishes to her daughter who, delightfully enjoys her meal! Apparently Korean food is her favorite. Posted below is the video of Rino eating homemade Japchae and stone-scorch Bibimbap:
It has been noted that this series reveals how picky eating is a cultural construct. Watch more videos of Rino here as she devours all the intricate and diverse (not to mention HEALTHY) dishes her mother prepares, much to her daughter's delight. Another cute thing to note is that a flag of the country is displayed in the background to indicate which culture's food is being served for that day.
Is this not the cutest? What international food do you want to see Rino eat next?