Little cutie Tasuku and his BFF French bulldog Muu have been the center of A LOT of attention since their pics from instagram went viral. The duo do everything together, from playing to eating to strolling and napping, because there is only so much little babies and dogs can do. Their pictures remind me of Calvin and Hobbes, except Calvin is a dog! As a special Valentine's Day treat, we've compiled quite a few cute pictures from his mother's instagram account (@ayasakai). Get ready to be overcome with cuteness! 1. 1e7d881ce41111e1a78c12313804ce91_6 2. 2d86fd4c012711e28ad722000a1fc2ab_6   You scratch my back, I'll scratch your...belly? Because that's what friends do for one another. 3. 98e54c68a60711e19dc71231380fe523_6 4. 418aa0bed7e711e1adda22000a1e869b_6   Friends who play together, stay together :D 5. 97a87ec6ecbe11e1b3f322000a1e8899_6 6. 0f84a1982b3c11e2bec722000a1f8c33_6 7. 8cb4f2e438f711e2ba2422000a1f9376_6   Puppy BFF doubles as the comfiest pillow ever! 8. 727626dc6f3411e2942f22000a9f140e_7 9. dd14cff42fb811e2a55d22000a1fbcd5_6 10. 54e616543ba911e2ab9022000a9f18e0_6 11. 7749f0f2a5ff11e180c9123138016265_6   They say BFFs start to look and behave like one another the more time they spend together.... 12. 349479fea53611e1ab011231381052c0_6 13. 4bd71b24f23b11e1aaa822000a1de2ba_6 Sleepy time! They're just way too inseparable! 14. bb8dc2e843f211e2b62322000a9f12da_6 15. c5817898183d11e29d0322000a1f975e_6 Wasn't that just the CUTEST thing you ever saw?? Can you pick your fave five?