SHIBA_ISSA_MARU01 Remember the Japanese toddler and his French Bulldog? Get ready for Maru and Issa! Author Manamoon is a Japanese mother living in Michigan with her Shiba Inu 'Maru',  her son Issa, and her husband. Her blog 'Maru in Michigan' features Maru and Issa in their daily adventures together. SHIBA_ISSA_MARU02 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU03 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU04 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU05 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU06 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU07 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU08 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU09 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU10 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU11 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU12 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU13 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU14 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU15 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU16 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU17 SHIBA_ISSA_MARU18 How adorable are they? Which one is your favorite? (source: