These Asian brown bears were truly happy to see each other. According to the photographer, Sergei Ivanov, they were brother bears who hadn't seen each other for a while. When they saw each other at the river, they ran toward each other. The joyful greeting between the two was so evident, and these photos will delight you.

What's up, Bro?

Good fishing here?

Sure, let me show you!

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According to Wiki, The Kronotsky Nature Reserve, also known as Kronotsky Biosphere Zapovednik, boasts over 800 brown bears, some of the largest in the world that can grow to over 540 kg (1,200 pounds). The 800-plus population make it Eurasia's largest protected brown bear population. Bears in the Kronotsky reserve often encounter each other at salmon streams in the park where they can socialize freely with each other.

(Photo credits to the photographer, Sergei Ivanov, who trekked to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the remote Far Eastern Russia, located between Siberia and the Pacific Ocean.)