Baskin Robbins is set to release new promotional items that are every kid's dream: toys that are also ice cream. To commemorate Girl's Day on March 3rd and the Japanese doll festival, Baskin Robbins is releasing brand new ice cream dolls

During the doll festival, many of the figures look like the Emperor and Empress and their attendants, so the Baskin Robbins dolls reflect this theme.

Each set comes with five dolls that are made in the following flavors: Orange Sorbet, Love in Berry, Oreo Chocolate Mint, Nutty Cream Cheese Brownie and Love Struck Cheese Cake.

The set only costs 1,540 yen ($15), and the items will undoubtedly be a hit because I know if this was around when I was a kid, I would want every day to be Girl's Day.

All five flavors!

The dolls come in their own bubble homes

Delicious! However, the doll on the left does look like it has been stabbed.