It's never good a good thing if you look over at your cat and think, "You might just be a murderous robot," but that's just the sort of reality you could be facing if you own a NeCoRo robot cat. The cats, which were first invented in 2001, are manufactured by Japanese company Omron, and their realistic qualities are, at times, downright chilling.

The cats meow and move their heads just like real cats, and they also bend and contort their bodies when you pet them. But they also have an icy dead stare that makes you think they could be haunted. Basically, the NeCoRo cats give off the vibe of what would happen if you put The Terminator inside a normal house cat. Check out the videos and pictures and let us know what you think. Would you want one of these sleeping with you at night?

NeCoRo commercial!

What happens when a real cat meets a robot cat.

The way this robot cat moves when you pet him is just like a normal cat, and then he lets out a combination of meow/horror scream.