A lonely penguin at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, Japan has found love, but the pairing is quite unusual and unexpected! After being left by his previous partner for a younger penguin at the zoo, Grape the 20 year old penguin began drifting away from the group and appeared distraught.

After a while, the staff realized that Grape seemed fascinated by a cutout of an anime character in his exhibit called Hululu, a character from Kemono Friends. He loves to hang out in front of the cutout, sparking a social media frenzy surrounding their special love story. I guess love really is blind!

Hululu was placed in the exhibit as part of a collaboration the zoo is doing with Kemono Friends. Let's hope they don't remove her from Grape's side in the future!

Check out their adorable pictures below!

The voice actress for Hululu even took a picture with Grape and the cutout to make the relationship official. Aren't they adorable?

Fans of the couple have even created special artwork for the two.

What do you think of their love story? Will it last? Share your thoughts below!

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