Entering this week's battle arena are CNBLUE member and Heirs star Kang Min Hyuk and everyone's favorite Flower Boy Next Door, Yoon Si Yoon! Not only are these guys hot, but they're so cute in a super adorable, chipmunk, small animal face precious way! With their small faces, big smiles, and adorable eye smiles, you can't help but love them both. However, that all ends today, and you have to choose which guy will be crowned the ultimate CUTE MONSTER!! 

Selcas in Coats: Both Yoonie and Minnie decided selcas in their coats were an awesome idea. Both selcas show off their cute noses and pretty eyes.

Lying All Over The Bed: Just because you're cute doesn't mean you're not sexy. Yoonie and Minnie have the perfect 50/50 balance and enjoy lying on pillows showing off their shoulders.

Cake and Ice Cream: There's so much skinship going on with these sweet treats! But this is a battle, so note: Yoonie keeps it neat, while Minnie is a bit messy with frosting on his lips.

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Loving Babies: Both guys took time for photo shoots with babies to raise awareness for children in need of adoption. Yoonie holds his baby close, while Minnie chooses to rest his face against the back of his baby. While we're all here, we might as well say hi to CNBLUE member Jung Shin, who is also in the picture!

Throwback Photos with Yong Hwa: Both Minnie and Yoonie have taken super cute photos with Yong Hwa, but whose photos are cuter? Yong Hwa is the leader of CNBLUE, which Minnie is the drummer for, and Yoonie and Yong Hwa participated in a photo shoot together.

Smile: Both of these guys have the most adorable smiles ever! Minnie's eyes smile so brightly they almost close, and the same can be said for Yoonie!

Sexy and Serious: Yoonie gives the serious "Get over here now" stare...

while Minnie gives the "Whatever, you know you want me" stare.

Live Action Aegyo: You cannot possibly judge cuteness without some live action aegyo! 

Yoonie not only gives puppy eyes, but he pouts very subtle. This is considered "aegyo manipulation."

Minnie, on the other hand, is in full-blown aegyo mode. His lip pout is strong, and he's giving the sad puppy-eyed look. This is considered "aegyo for your life."

This was a long and tough battle, but you've made it through. Yoon Si Yoon and Kang Min Hyuk gave it their best, but only one can wear the crown. Who do you declare this week's CUTE MONSTER?!  #TeamYoonie or #TeamMinnie

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE