According to the mother of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Girls Generation’s Yoona is prettier than Miss A’s Suzy! While on the show Mamma Mia, Kyuhyun’s mother was asked to choose between Suzy and Yoona when it came to who was the better match for her son. Well with total confidence she chose Yoona as the prettiest which makes me wonder what do all my DF besties think!

Personally I never really understood the craze over Yoona. I like her and I think she’s pretty and really cute, but compared to others, including Suzy, she’s sort of plain-looking, you know what I mean? In the case of Yoona and Suzy I would totally choose Suzy as the prettiest out of the two because Suzy always reminds me of a doll and I think doll-looking people are the prettiest o_0. But then again, people do judge beauty in different ways.

Usually I wouldn't even bring this topic up because I honestly don't really care but Kyuhyun's mother made me do it (for real!).

Soooo who do you think is the prettiest? #DontYouDareStartAFanWarNOTimeForTHATMESS! (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE