The panda bear is synonymous with China, and since you can't keep a panda as a pet, why not buy a panda dog? With more and more Chinese people keeping dogs as pets, a pet store owner in the Sichuan province of China designed the panda dog, and he's hoping to cash in.

Hsin Ch'en, a pet shop owner, put his mind to work, and after serious research, developed the panda dog. He gets a white, fluffy chow chow and has a groomer dye its fur with a natural dye. The dye only lasts for a month and a half, so he recommends the owners come back to his store as necessary for treatment. Mr. Ch'en perfected the grooming technique in his pet store, and now it's known all over China.

Because of the high cost of natural dyes and treatment, owning a panda dog is quite costly. For this reason, Mr. Ch'en believes the panda dog will be best suited for dog owners who are at least middle class. "People love it. They are willing to spend their hard earned money so they can walk the panda dog on the street," he said. They can brag to their friends, "I have a panda dog."