Schoolgirls in Japan, and many young women in general, have a certain reputation for the way they pose when getting their pictures taken. For example, their kawaii "peace sign" pose has becoming synonymous with Japanese kawaii culture, recognized as the universal stance (in Japan, anyway) when taking group photos. But through the years, there have been more ways to pose for photos than smiling and just putting two fingers up in the air — and we've got a fun little video that will take you through all the different looks that became the cutest poses of the times!

Nowadays, girls (and boys, for that matter) are seen taking group photos and selfies everywhere, with everyone trying to look their best as they strike their favorite poses. Looking cute in a photo is important, and no one knows this better than girls in Japan, the original kawaii trendsetters. Having taken selfies for years, cuteness-obsessed Japanese girls have perfected photo poses, some of them being adapted by young ladies all over the world. So when did all this adorable posing for photos start, anyway? Did certain poses trend? And what poses were those?

Thanks to Japanese communications giant Docomo, and the girls of the Tokyo Performance Dolls, we can now take a journey into the evolution of kawaii poses in the country that started it all. For this unique campaign ad, the popular idols playfully recreated all the cute poses in history, eventually going 300 years back in time. With unique names like "Toothache Style," "Shibuya-Gal Style," "Bad-Girl Style," and a whole lot more, all the poses are waiting for you to try them out on your next selfie or group photo on a night out with all your photogenic friends. 

Say cheese!

Strike a pose!

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Tokyo Performance Dolls


Tomorrow With You

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