Born in July, these panda cubs are the first surviving twin giant panda cubs born in the U.S. Recently Cub A and Cub B received their official names, "Mei Lun" and "Mei Huan," on their 100th-day anniversary according to Chinese tradition. They will soon meet the public with their mother, Lun Lun. This adorable video of them comes directly from the Atlantic Zoo. Mei Huan, the younger brother panda, is trying to wake up his older brother, Mei Lun, from a deep slumber. Will he succeed?

The pandas have grown quickly and are becoming curious and active. Here you see Mei Huan trying to wake Mei Lun up. A gentle nudge doesn't work. He then pushes and shoves, but there is no reaction from his older brother. What's a panda cub to do? He finally bites down right at Mei Huan's butt. Mei Huan moves a little but goes right back to his beauty sleep.They are simply too cute!