We'd like you to meet the D-Addicts team, a group of passionate Asian drama fans that have one objective:

The D-Addicts Mission Statement To help people find and enjoy Asian dramas and to help spread the joy of Asian dramas to people all over the world.

D-Addicts.com does indeed live up to that mission statement. The site is an incredible resource for Asian drama fans by Asian drama fans. That includes all Asian drama fans: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Singaporean -- if from Asia and a drama, it's got a home on D-Addicts.

D-Addicts also host the Drama Wiki, an incredible resource of Asian drama information available in English. On the Drama Wiki, you can find out all sorts of detailed info on your favorite dramas like a synopsis, cast, ratings, and the drama's original broadcast details. And you can search for info on drama actors (actresses, too!), OST's, producers, director, and writers. A cool feature is that a lot of this information is cross-referenced in the Drama Wiki. The more adventurous drama fan can easily start discovering new dramas that their favorite actors have been in, or vice versa.

We're very impressed with what the D-Addicts have accomplished, and we think you will be too. It's drama fans like these that keep the drama community going strong. Check out D-Addicts here.