We've already seen a glimpse of the tender daddy/daughter relationship we're about to experience while watching upcoming family drama Oh My Geum Bi (aka My Fair Lady), but things don't start off so smoothly between the conman father (Oh Ji Ho) and his precocious 8-year-old-daughter (Heo Jung Eun). In the newest teaser and poster, the adorable duo experience growing pains as they adjust to the realization that they have to rely on each other. 

Yeah, I can imagine discovering a long last dad in prison isn't very easy on a kid! But it will make the moments when they finally bond that much sweeter!

In Oh My Geum Bi, Hwi Chul (Oh Ji Ho) is a hapless conman who turned to crime after his dreams of becoming a chef were shattered when he lost his sense of smell. While in prison, he receives the surprise of his life when the 8-year-old daughter he never knew he had, Geum Bi, shows up, asking for his release so that she can live with him. Geum Bi never knew that her father was still alive, and when she discovers this, the feisty girl decides to help fix her dad's life. Unfortunately, just when the duo are reunited and begin to develop a strong father-daughter bond, Geum Bi is diagnosed with Niemann-Pick disease type C, which leads to rapid memory loss and physical deterioration. Hwi Chul learns about the preciousness of life while taking care of Geum Bi, and falling in love with Go Gang Hee (Park Jin Hee), an artifact researcher who led a lonely life before becoming involved with the father/daughter pair.

Oh My Geum Bi is coming to DramaFever on November 16. Add it to your queue now!