Daebak is getting better and better! We can't wait to see Dae Gil and Yeoning's plans set into motion so that In Jwa will finally be gone. Come discuss everything with Jess, Cici, and Amy.

Marakeshsparrow: OK… I really liked these two episodes, for many reasons. And reason number one is: BROMANCE! //waves Yeoning and Dae Gil ship flag from a mountain top// I was so excited by all the interaction between these two brothers. Isn’t it cute how they just naturally act like siblings? Dae Gil even asked Yeoning to call him hyung-nim! I loved every scene they were in together. We need more YeonGil (the name I’m assigning this epic brother duo!) in this show.


Amy: I think they will be together a lot more now that they have officially declared they will be working together. Dae Gil tried to fight it but those two have a magnetic pull. It was useless for him to even try. One of my favorite parts of the show so far was when Dae Gil was valued at 100 nyang and Yeoning was valued at 30. Poor Yeoning. I loved it when they punished Seol Im for not knowing who Yeoning is. Seol Im is just way too cute. Well, you know, when she isn’t trying to kill a guy. I can’t say that I blame her for going after Six Ghost though.

Cici: I thought it was hysterical the way she kept trying to get a word in edgewise, and couldn’t. Of course, once they heard what she had to say, they took her a lot more seriously. And when she went after Six Ghost, wow. She is not someone you want to mess with. I did feel a little bad for her when Dae Gil took her home, though. The way Grandpa kept trying to make it a romantic gesture, and Dae Gil tactlessly denied it, had to hurt.


Marakeshsparrow: Ah! My second favorite part of these episodes! I was so excited when Seol Im reappeared! I was like “Oh my god, the writers brought her back by popular demand!” It was a little troubling when I thought she was Cutter’s “woman” (though a part of me wouldn’t blame her for that… haha) but then I was so relieved to see it was all a part of her plot to get Six Ghost. She was ferocious--I bet she’s had her own painful journey and “training” like Dae Gil had in the years they’ve been a part. I’m confused as to how Dae Gil feels about her though! At first I thought he had feelings for her (as he should, she’s so cute), but then he was so dismissive with Grandpa! What do you ladies think? Is there a chance Seol Im will steal the lead?

Cici: Well, if Dam Seo ends up with Yeoning, Seol Im won’t have to steal anything. That’s the pairing I’m rooting for. But I’m confused about Dae Gil’s feelings as well. It almost seems like he thinks of Seol Im as a little sister to be protected. But then again, he may be distant because he’s busy focusing on In Jwa, and doesn’t want either Seol Im or Dam Seo hurt if he gets injured or killed.

Amy: I am thinking that he cares for both of them but he is trying to push Dam Seo out so he is having a hard time accepting his feelings for Seol Im. At least that is how I want it to go. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t mind if Seol Im ended up with Yeoning. I don’t think that will happen but, you know, I’m just saying. Am I the only one thinking that Cutter has some good in him? I mean, he took a hit for Seol Im and he said he would let her go once she has killed Six Ghost. You two know I really, really want him to join Dae Gil and Yeoning so I might be reaching but seriously. It would be awesome.


Marakeshsparrow: You’re not the only one! I definitely think there’s some good in Cutter. He seems somewhat honorable anyway. Since he did all that for Seol Im, does that mean that he has feelings for her? How twisted will this love pentagon (? haha) get??? But Amy, you brought up something I didn’t even consider: Yeoning and Seol Im. Annnnd I kind of love it. However it goes I want Seol Im to have a happily ever after because she is just lovely.

Cici: So speaking of Seol Im, what was the whole applying for a job as a geisha about? I know she has quite a few skills--she can dance, and she’s already shown she can read, so she’s probably been well-educated. But her parents are both dead. Does that mean that becoming a geisha is the only path left to her? Man, the limits placed on Joseon women really make me grateful to be living in the here and now.

Amy: I thought that Seol Im was trying to be a geisha to distract psychic lady. I don’t know! Maybe that really is her only option. She could be doing it so that she can spy on everyone for Dae Gil and Yeoning. I wonder if Seol Im will take up psychic lady’s offer to remove the bad fate. It can’t feel good thinking everyone you come into contact with will die.


Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I was thinking she was acting as a spy to get close to that fortune teller/madame. She’s one of Yi In Jwa’s main henchmen, so I know she would be a target for Dae Gil and Yeoning. So I didn’t think she was doing it for real, just to try to spy, or just to distract her while Dae Gil was snooping around. I think the psychic woman kind of realized she wasn’t there for real reasons at the end which is why she sent her away without giving her a position. But does Seol Im really have a bad fate like that? Does that mean she won’t be able to get closer to Dae Gil without hurting him? Aigoo--my heart.

Cici: One of the other scenes I really enjoyed was Yeoning trying to defeat In Jwa’s muscle man (Jin Ki the Giant) in order to get the other account book. I about died laughing when that guy burst through the burning door and brushed the flames from his sleeve. And Yeoning pausing and then turning and running--shades of The Princess Bride! It was great.


Amy: Yes! I enjoyed that scene too! I’ve been calling In Jwa’s muscle man Hot Guard. Hee hee! Anyway, the poor guy just wanted to kill Yeoning but didn’t get his chance. I think he has been itching to off someone for a while. I wonder if something bad will happen if he doesn’t ge to soon. Oh and Jess, I am hoping that Dae Gil will be able to handle Seol Im’s fate because he is a damn lucky man. Speaking of, I got so excited when I saw him beating Six Ghost at that game! Character progression is the best.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! Good point! It’s almost impossible to kill Dae Gil so if anyone can handle Seol Im’s fate, it would probably be him! But yes, that whole scene at Six Ghost’s gambling hall was EPIC. I love how Dae Gil has trained himself to use his senses when he gambles--he could almost hear the dice and how to use them. Didn’t he cheat to win everything though? At first I thought he’d used his superhuman gambling skills (DAEBAK) to know that Six Ghost had rolled two 3s. But then we saw he’d planted some dice on that little boy earlier in the day. He sure is gutsy. I will give him that.

Cici: I was kind of surprised that the game didn’t end when Dae Gil proved that Six Ghost was playing with loaded dice. Apparently in a game like that cheating is a given, and it’s just a matter of who can cheat better. Dae Gil really knew how to play on Six Ghost’s weakness, got him in his pride, and took him for everything. Did anyone else find it interesting that In Jwa showed up and backed Dae Gil? That man is pure evil, using Dae Gil to get rid of “the trash”.


Amy: In Jwa is just well, what I call him in my Daebak notes: Ugly. His personality, the way he does things, ugh. All of it! Ugly! I found In Jwa’s plan to make Dae Gil king interesting. In Jwa said that he needed a person who had been at the bottom to take over so that the king will actually be for the people. In Jwa does have a point but I don’t like how he is going about the whole thing.

Marakeshsparrow: //shivers with excitement// Ooo it’s sooo juicy!!! I love that Yi In Jwa is basically planning to pit these two brothers against each other. And they don’t even know it!!! Man--I have to admit, this drama started a little slow for me, or maybe not slow, but it just hadn’t sucked me in. Now I am so on board with it. I can’t wait to see what happens and I can’t wait for everyone to find out Dae Gil’s true identity! I hope that the bond developing between YeonGil is strong enough to ward off In Jwa’s trickery!

Cici: In Jwa’s plots are intriguing, and for a moment when he was declaring his desire to help “the people” I almost admired him. But he has clearly shown that he believes that the ends justify just about any means. When he asked Dae Gil if he had become a tiger, I almost swooned at his answer. “Why would a man become an animal?” I’m hoping that Dae Gil and Yeoning can succeed in restoring justice to the people while remaining the glorious men they have become.

Amy: I have faith in Dae Gil and Yeoning. I think that they can form a bond strong enough to ward of In Jwa. I’m thinking the writers might try to trick us into thinking they aren’t working together anymore but I have a feeling they’ll be good. Oh and I don’t know if I could be more in love with Dae Gil at this point. He is smart, he can fight, and he is funny. Could he get any better?


Marakeshsparrow: I noticed in this last episode he has a kind of princely aura about him now--I love that it’s totally unconscious. I guess he can’t deny his royal bloodline! Still, it’s really amazing to see how far he’s come. He was just Gae Ddong before… and now he’s such a force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling he has more growing ahead of him as well.

Cici: I predict he’s spending this coming week practicing kissing. Once he gets that down, he’l be darn near perfect. And I really can’t wait to see it.

Marakeshsparrow: Woohoo! We can only hope that’s what he’s practicing! I can’t wait either!

What do you think? Is Dae Gil practicing kissing? Who does he want to kiss? Now that Dae Gil and Yeoning have teamed up will they be able to stay together and bring down In Jwa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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