Welcome back, fellow Card Sharks! We’re here with another week’s Daebak Drama Club. Things continue to heat up as Baek Dae Gil and Prince Yeoning make their way through Yi In Jwa’s henchmen hoping to take down the master manipulator. But things are getting more and more complicated now that they have to catch an assassin, or die trying. Join Cici, Amy, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we dig in and discuss!

Marakeshsparrow: Well I don’t know why some people are saying this show is slow because I honestly think it’s picked up the pace a LOT since the first few episodes. I thought 13 & 14 were really exciting! Every time Dae Gil faces off against someone my heart is always in my throat. He actually took down Gol Sa fairly easily, but that lead to a whole other mess when he was framed for his murder!

Cici: Does anyone else think Gol Sa’s daughter is actually attracted to Dae Gil? I was really surprised when she insisted that he was her father’s murderer just because she saw him in the room with him after he’d been killed. And I kind of got the impression that Dae Gil might be interested in her, too.

Amy: I was thinking that Gol Sa’s daughter might be interested in Dae Gil but what if she knows that Cutter killed her dad and wants to protect him for some reason? Ha ha ha! I’m sure that isn’t the case because she is so protective of her dad but I wanted to throw that out there. I thought it was pretty awesome how quickly Dae Gil figured out Gol Sa’s trick and turned things around. I just love it when a character is confident and actually knows what they’re doing!

Marakeshsparrow: Noooooo! Nope, nope, nope. Gol Sa’s daughter was the only element I really disliked in these episodes. It bugged me how she was trying so hard to hate Dae Gil and acted so stubborn, insisting he was the one who murdered her dad. Maybe it was because she’s actually attracted to him OR maybe she’s just annoying. //shrugs// But I really don’t want her to be another “love interest” for Dae Gil. I was starting to worry they might pull a Pretty Man and parade all these women in front of him throughout the whole thing… I’m still pulling for Dae Gil and Seol Im!

Cici: I am too! I also got the impression that the psychic woman who told her she had a terrible fate was just doing it to keep her from working with Dae Gil or Yeoning, right? I just hope Seol Im is smart enough to figure out that she’s been played...and by one of Yi In Jwa’s henchwomen at that. But speaking of our female leads, what is the deal with Dam Seo? If she really wasn’t the one who killed Gol Sa, what on earth was she doing standing over him with her sword drawn?

Amy: Dam Seo said that she wanted to kill Gol Sa but someone else had already done it. She is out for revenge. I do feel for Dam Seo because In Jwa used her and killed her dad. It can’t be easy to believe in something for so long and then find out it isn’t true. I’m not so sure she is taking the right path, though, so hopefully Yeoning will set her straight because I still want Dae Gil with Seol Im. Oh and Cici, I agree that the psychic is trying to get Seol Im away from the brothers. I just hope that she realizes it soon so we don’t have to see them separated for too long.

Marakeshsparrow: Maybe the psychic actually saw that Seol Im would help the two princes do amazing things, and would put Yi In Jwa in danger! I like this idea, it gives me hope for poor Seol Im. I felt really sad for her in these episodes because you can see how she cares for Dae Gil, but is afraid to get too close. I think he has feelings for her as well. Honestly I saw no chemistry between Dae Gil and Dam Seo when they met up after Gol Sa was killed. Though he did protect her and make no mention that he saw her at the crime scene… So I guess he still has a soft spot for her. I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings about our revenge seeking heroine.

Cici: Poor Dam Seo. She is wearing blinders so she can focus solely on revenge, and she is really missing the bigger picture. But the person I found quite interesting (still) in these two episodes was Cutter. When In Jwa told him Seol Im was staying with Dae Gil, he seemed really upset and jealous. I think the opportunity to knock off Gol Sa and frame Dae Gil for it was so appealing to him because he has feelings for Seol Im. Is that a stretch?

Amy: I find Cutter very interesting too! He definitely has feelings for Seol Im because he wants to keep her around and did not like her being with Dae Gil. Your theory definitely isn’t a stretch, Cici. I’m still holding out hope that Cutter will see how awesome Dae Gil is and help him out but since he likes Seol Im that probably won’t happen. Jealousy blinds people. So what about that trick that Yeoning’s mom, the king, and Lord What’s His Name pulled? I can’t say that I blame them but man. Poor Yeoning was crushed after all of his hard work.

Marakeshsparrow: Firstly, I am totally joining the Cutter Fan Cafe. There’s definitely something intriguing about his character, and I always like that actor--he’s seriously such a good character actor. (Though sometimes he can get a little over the top //cough// Night Watchman’s Journal //cough//) I think there’s definitely a chance that he’ll still turn out to be not terrible. I had my doubts when it turned out he killed Gol Sa, but then we found out Yi In Jwa paid him to do it (of course) and he seemed almost hesitant...I don’t know I’m holding out that there is still a heart beating somewhere behind all that shaggy, dark, mysterious hair. (Seriously, his hair is pretty epic)

Cici: So here is my main concern--Dam Seo is on her revenge path, and if she first killed Six Ghost, then tried to kill Gol Sa, does that mean Cutter is next? And wow, can you believe the skill with which Yi In Jwa manipulates even cold-hearted pay-for-hire assassins by playing to their desires for love? I developed a whole new level of loathing for that man. Can’t someone kill him? Like, immediately??

Amy: In Jwa just knows how to play everyone. He does not discriminate. It is getting to me that Dae Gil doesn’t know he is being played by In Jwa right now. In Jwa wants all of this to happen because he wants the people to be on Dae Gil’s side. We want that too but dang it, In Jwa, stay out of this!

Marakeshsparrow: Ay-yi-yi In Jwa. This guy is killing me. I think it’s just the calm smug air he always has about him, like he’s always in control even when it appears things aren’t going his way. So frustrating! All though I saw him get more excited (or maybe crazy is the word) in this last episode. What was that whole business with that stamp? And announcing his arrival? He had a mad glint in his eye the whole time, but I wasn’t really following what was happening.

Cici: I’m not sure about that either, but it seems like he is about to round up his whole gang and make his move. We know he has lots of cronies out there that he’s been bribing for a very long time, so he has effectively built up an army. But if Dae Gil is really able to prove that he was not the one who killed Gol Sa, then In Jwa will lose control of the port and all the revenue that goes with it, and Dae Gil will get it back. That’s what has pushed him over the crazy ledge, I think.

Amy: I think so too. In Jwa can’t lose control because the guys who follow him can be bribed by others. I have a feeling a lot of the people around him aren’t as loyal as In Jwa would like to think. Guess what we have to do to find out if Dae Gill will catch In Jwa like a good dog? Wait until next week! Why no previews, Daebak?!

Marakeshsparrow: WAIT! We almost missed a HUGE plot point! Prince Yeoning has figured out the truth! He doesn’t necessarily have confirmation, but all the evidence is pointing towards Dae Gil being his brother. I think he’s surprised and not surprised all at the same time. This probably explains why he’s been so drawn to him this whole time. And now, he’s willing to put his life on the line because he believes Dae Gil will be able to keep his word to the King and take out Cutter. So intense! I’m hoping he doesn’t keep it a secret from Dae Gil or something though. I want them both to know they’re brothers!

Cici: I may have to disagree on that one. I’d much rather that they maintain their bromantic relationship as friends. If Dae Gil finds out that he’s Yeoning’s elder brother, that has too many political ramifications for things to end well. If Dae Gil finds out his true identity, I’m afraid the writers will have no choice but to kill him off before he can change the course of history. Noooo, writers-nim, don’t do it! But as Amy says, all we can do is wait till next week to find out!

Marakeshsparrow: Why does Monday seem so far away? 

So there you have it, fellow Card Sharks. We're just over half way through the drama and things are definitely heating up. Will Dae Gil be able to take down Cutter as easily as he thinks? Let's hope so, because his neck (and his brother's) are both on line. And will Seol Im be able to avoid her sad fate? What about Dam Seo and her revenge? So much is happening! Luckily, Monday isn't too far away. Join us again next week for another Daebak drama club!  

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