The king sent Dae Gil and Yeoning on a hunt for Cutter and In Jwa, Dae Gil found out he has a mom and brother, and we had to say goodbye to Cutter! Come discuss everything with Cici, Jess, and Amy!

Cici: Well, I’ve got to say, for all the build-up leading to the two brothers finding out the truth about their relationship, I was a bit disappointed at their lack of enthusiasm. I realize that it’s a shock, but come on guys! Yeoning, you can finally call Dae Gil hyung!


Marakeshsparrow: I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way! This was THE moment I’d been waiting for this whole drama, and they were both kind of like “ohhhh ok” shrug --It was so weak! I was hoping for maybe a wee bit of excitement from at least Yeoning. Sigh. I really just want them to hug. Hahahaha!

Amy: Everyone wants them to hug. It will happen or at least I hope for the writers’ sake it will or they may have some angry fans coming after them. I think that Yeoning really was excited but since has an image to uphold he didn’t show it. That and Dae Gil was less than excited because he was still trying to process everything. It is a lot to think about. You grow up thinking your father is one person but he is the king and your mom is his wife. Also, Dae Gil has been fighting In Jwa. He has a lot on his plate!

Cici: Yi In Jwa! When he tried to poison Yeoning’s mind against Dae Gil, I saw my worst nightmares coming true. It’s like no one can accept the things their family members have done. And the king has me really puzzled. He knows who Dae Gil is, but is determined to treat him like a hunting dog that you use and then EAT. Yikes. That’s his second oldest son, there. But I really felt sorry for Sook Bin. She has struggled her whole time at court trying to keep her sons safe, and neither of them understand what she has gone through to accomplish that.


Marakeshsparrow: The King is the one I find really interesting. I was definitely confused by the way he refuses to really acknowledge Dae Gil --though he did give him his sword, which I think was acknowledgement enough in his mind. I’m kind of wondering if he thinks Dae Gil is best suited to be that hunting dog though. Like maybe he appreciates how skilled he is and doesn’t want to mess that up by bringing him into the palace. In a way it’s like tough fatherly love. I’m loving the actor who plays the King too. He’s always so intense and intimidating! I really loved when he just stormed into Yeoning’s interrogation of Yi In Jwa and was like, “Nope--don’t waste your time with this crap! throws out official scrolls Let’s just put him to death!” Ha! Epic. I just wish it was that easy to get rid of In Jwa...


Amy: Siiiiiiiiiiigh. Stupid In Jwa knowing that Dae Gil’s dad is alive. Well, if he even is. You never know. Even though In Jwa says he hasn’t lied to Dae Gil he could be this time. I do believe it though. I think that if Dae Gil’s dad is alive he is hiding for Dae Gil’s safety. I’m sure In Jwa threatened him. Poor King won’t get rid of In Jwa as quickly as he wants. I thought the Jeong prophecy was pretty interesting. Especially since King is so afraid of it. He seems like the kind of king who isn’t afraid of anything.

Cici: He does, but I think In Jwa has really gotten to him, and that’s why he ordered him beheaded. My question is: Why wait two days??? If you’re just going to go all sovereigny and totally disregard the business of a trial, why not chop off his head then and there? Obviously, In Jwa will use that time to weasel out of his death sentence. And when In Jwa said that Baek Geum Man was his hidden card, I totally believed him. They never found his body, after all, and he is the one person who will help In Jwa control Dae Gil. Oh, he is so diabolically clever, it drives me nuts!

Marakeshsparrow: So something I did not like in these episodes was the whole Jeong prophecy thing. To me it kind of felt like an unnecessary distraction. Why is it just coming up now? I don’t know. But they do have how many more episodes? Maybe they just had to have some filler or extra plot lines to stretch things out. What I did like was Cutter’s whole story! I guess in a way it was related to the prophecy thing since he’d been a part of that earlier rebellion (but that’s besides the point!) He was a really fascinating character and I think it was kind of tragic that he had to go out the way he did, but I also feel it was kind of fitting. It was either end it quick or get arrested and probably tortured to find out what he knew about the treason plot.


Cici: I was just sad that Cutter ended his own life like that. I kept expecting him to somehow escape and decide to help Dae Gil and Yeoning in their quest for justice. I did appreciate the scene where he was looking at Seol Im, and she transformed into his dead younger sister. Now I finally understand why he felt so protective of her. Goodbye, Cutter sniff We’ll miss you!

Amy: I got all teary when Cutter died. I can’t like it. Although like you, Cici, I appreciate that we know why he was so attached to Seol Im now. I just loved his character. I’ll be pouting for a good while. I’m so glad we have Grandpa for comedic relief. His comment about burping coming before farting really had me laughing. I just wish that Dae GIl would stop saying he doesn’t like Seol Im! Come on, Dae Gil! Just love her!

Marakeshsparrow: Ugh--I’m kind of annoyed that Dae Gil is keeping her at arm’s length. And NOW he’s got a new admirer. Gol Sa’s daughter is apparently going to be hanging around (and giving Dae Gil moony eyes) from now on. I love when Seol Im saw how she was looking at Dae Gil and got pissed. That made me laugh, but inside I was crying. Hahaha! I definitely want Dae Gil and Seol Im together! But I’m seriously afraid he’s just going to end up collecting this horde of admiring women or something. I mean, it’s Jang Geun Suk. sigh Maybe I was just scarred by Pretty Man. (lol)

Cici: Bwahahaah! Yes, the same thought occurred to me. And even though I love Seol Im, I’m pretty sure that ship is never gonna sail. Sigh. I was also a bit disappointed that Dam Seo has made it clear to Yeoning that they can never be anything more than criminal and prosecutor. Is there no hope for any romance in this show??

Amy: I’d be okay with no romance. I just want my OTPs together and that’s it so if there is no romance that will be okay too. I'd rather that happen than anyone but Seol Im being with Dae Gil.

Marakeshsparrow: I think Dae Gil is just going to be this rogue bachelor who travels the land breaking women's hearts. That’s kind of what I’m hoping anyway.

Amy: I would be okay with that. He'll be busy secretly helping Yeoning.

Cici: Yep, and then he can disappear from history and Yeoning can go on to become king and rule for fifty-two years, and bring us back to reality. And wouldn't that be so Jang Geun Suk?

Amy: Jang Geun Suk is so full of himself that I don't think he has room for a woman. I still love him though. Ha ha ha!

Cici: Hahaha, some things never change.


Amy: Guys! I was so happy to finally see Dae Gil’s fighting skills! I knew he had them but he hadn’t really shown them off until this week’s episodes. I love a good fighter.

Cici: I was so happy to see his fighting instructor, Che Gun, back! He is seriously one of my favorite characters. I had to laugh at how he held off their requests to join the household by reminding them that he has a wife and kids of his own. What? Since when have they been a priority? It made me giggle.

Marakeshsparrow: Hahaha--I love him. Love that actor, love the character--it’s just all good. I think it’s interesting that he’s always known Dae Gil’s true identity, but I honestly don’t think that influenced him to take him on as his pupil. I don’t think he’s the type to train someone unless he truly sees something in them. I’m excited to see how he more or less ends up becoming Dae Gil’s bodyguard. That makes me want to go back and watch the beginning of Ep. 1!

Amy: Why do we have to wait? I don’t like being patient.

What did you guys think? Will Dae Gil find his dad? Will he side with In Jwa or stay with Yeoning? Will anyone ever find love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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