Just when you think you know someone, they go and do something so out of character you hardly know how to respond. Join Amy, Jess, and me, Cici, as we vent our frustrations of the latest developments.

Cici: I.Just.Can’t. How did things end up so crazy here? I have to give the actor portraying YI In Jwa credit. He is so blamed smug, he has me hating that character worse than any K-Drama villain in recent history. And I kind of thought Dae Gil and Seo Dam were right there with me. So how does he manage to escape certain death every time?

Marakeshsparrow: //shakes head// I am super shocked by the whole last part of episode 18. First off, how could Dam Seo protect In Jwa like she did? Though I guess In Jwa did care for her, I felt like Jeong was just manipulating her emotions into doing something, and she fell for it so quickly. I guess it’s like she said--she was tired of hating him, she just wanted out of it all. But I seriously think she could have gone about it a different way.


Marakeshsparrow: AND THEN… Dae Gil throws down the lifesaving “card” and lets him go. I can kind of get why he did what he did, he didn’t want Dam Seo’s death to be in vain, but I just can’t accept it. I’m super pissed. //sigh//

Amy: I’m hoping that Dae Gil threw down the lifesaving card because he didn’t want Dam Seo’s death to be in vain and because he wants to kill In Jwa himself. If Dae Gil joins hands with In Jwa I will go into a fit of rage and may or may not break my computer. Just. No. I’m really hoping that they can trace the bad opium back to In Jwa if they can’t get him for killing the prince. I just really want In Jwa gone already.

Cici: I feel so bad for Yeoning. Every time he thinks he finally has In Jwa in his grasp, the slimy booger slips away. He really is difficult to kill. And I’m pretty sure Dae Gil is really going to regret saving his worthless hide. I understand how much he wanted to honor Dam Seo’s last wish, but still...ARGH.


Marakeshsparrow: So I feel like everyone is dying but the one person (well, people if you include his henchmen) who should be taken out. I was so bummed that Sukbin died before she got to see In Jwa go down.


Marakeshsparrow: And then the King collapsed! It doesn’t seem like he’s doing too well either. I thought it was interesting that now he’s on death’s door, the Crown Prince is speaking his mind and telling him how much he resents him. I feel kind of bad for him too! He’s never had anyone on his side. In Jwa always has ulterior motives, and the poor prince get’s no love. I guess it’s not easy being a part of the royal family.


Amy: In Jwa is behind all of these deaths and collapses and Yeoning and Dae Gil know it. It’s so frustrating! Just GRRRR! In Jwa would have been caught already if it was set in the present time. Ha ha ha! Anyway, I need to stop talking about him for a bit or I’m going to throw a fit. Dae Gil’s dad is actually alive!! Was anyone else super frustrated when we didn’t get to hear his plan? I WANT TO KNOW ALL OF THE THINGS!!


Cici: I think it’s pretty obvious from Dad’s comment that Dae Gil belongs to the people now that he has bought into In Jwa’s plan to make him king.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I think Man Geum is on the make-Dae Gil-King bandwagon now. Only a few people know he’s really the King’s son though, right? It seems like Yeoning thinks they’re only half brothers. But the Crown Prince was pretty quick! He even said Dae Gil looked like the King!


Marakeshsparrow: I really want them to figure out Dae Gil’s true lineage, though I guess that would just make things more complicated for Yeoning. Why does it feel like now that they know they’re brothers, they’re farther apart than ever? Where is my YeonGil hug fest? //pouts//

Amy: All of the fans want a hug fest. Can we just get to that already? I’m really hoping that happens but I’m kind of afraid for Dae Gil. For some reason I don’t think he is going to have a good ending.

Cici: I’m just afraid that the writers will make Dae Gil disappear from this drama the same way he disappeared, or rather, never existed, in history. I was so sorry when Yeoning asked him if he was an ally or an enemy. Although after the apparent betrayal by both Dam Seo and Dae Gil, I can understand his confusion. Why didn’t Dae Gil reassure him right there?


Marakeshsparrow: I don’t know why Dae Gil is being so standoffish with Yeoning. I almost get the impression that he’s not sure where he stands. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t join hands with In Jwa, but I don’t think he knows whether he wants to team up with his brother either. Which is super frustrating. On a side note--this might be super morbid, but now that Dam Seo is gone, does this mean there’s more hope for Seol Im? LOL (awww … sorry Dam Seo)

Amy: I’m telling you, Dae Gil will have no woman. Just admirers. I’m so frustrated with Daebak right now. I want the ending already so that I can have closure.

Cici: I’m afraid you might be right, Amy. There isn’t much hope for any happy ending romance here. My one consolation is that, assuming this drama doesn’t stray too far from actual history, Yeoning will become king--after the Crown Prince does. Wait...is knowing history considered a spoiler?

Marakeshsparrow: That’s a consolation for me too. I just want to skip ahead and see that happen. How many episodes do we have left? SIX? How are they going to stretch all this out? Please tell me Yi In Jwa doesn’t live through to the end. I don’t think I can take that much more of him.

Cici: It’s unanimous. Yi In Jwa needs to die.


Cici: How are we supposed to deal with this frustration for another week?

Amy: Group hug?

So, are you as frustrated with this week's turn of events as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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