Hey, Daebak fans! Yeoning is finally king and punishing those against him, Dae Gil is looking for Yi In Jwa, and Yi In Jwa has a new plan. Come discuss the happenings of episodes 21 and 22 with Cici, Jess, and Amy!

Cici: Well, there certainly was more action in these two episodes. I’m not sure I appreciate all the slashing and slaying, but it was interesting how the writers brought things back to a historical perspective. Made me glad to live when and where I do!


Amy: That’s for sure. The way everyone had to fight just to live a decent life would not be easy. I’m glad I live in this time period. Well, I guess we should start with the last king’s request to keep Yeoning alive. I was wondering how Dae Gil would stop Yeoning from being killed and there you have it! These brothers have a rough road and Jess, I don’t think we’re ever going to get our bro hug.

Marakeshsparrow: I really just wanted Dae Gil to comfort Yeoning after everything that went down, what with his brother trying to kill him and then killing all of the Noron faction. That was super upsetting (though the lack of blood was amusingly unrealistic). Still--I felt so sorry for the poor prince. Literally everyone who’s supported him is gone. And it definitely seems like there’s no hope for any brotherly closeness between Yeoning and Dae Gil. What a bummer.

Cici: I don’t know--even though Che Gun made it clear that Yeoning the King could no longer afford to be Dae Gil’s friend, I’m still hoping that they can have some secret type of closeness. It’s clear that’s what Dae Gil wants, and that he’s still willing to lay his life on the line for his brother. There’s two episodes left! Hug! Hug!

Amy: Maybe we’ll get a hug after Dae Gil puts his life on the line for Yening. I probably shouldn’t say things like that, huh? Maybe that’s why Dae Gil isn’t getting a girl, though. Hmmm...Anyway, how awful would it have been to come to the conclusion that you have to kill your brother? I can’t imagine. Yeoning went through way too much in his short life. Now he’s been king for how many years and he still has people thinking he isn’t worthy. Man. The guy just isn’t going to catch a break.

Marakeshsparrow: I had always wanted to skip ahead to when Yeoning became king. Now I’m not so sure. (Be careful what you wish for). It seems like after all his tragedies happened one after another he really hardened. He seems to have completely cut emotional ties with Dae Gil and almost everyone else, except his son. How much of a time jump did we have? Did I miss a title card that said 6 years later or something?


Cici: I wondered the same thing. The characters kept saying things like, “Long time no see, it’s been a while, how many years has it been?” But nothing definite. Obviously enough time passed for Yeoning to not only become king, but to have a really cute son. But it did make my heart ache to see how he was forced to become just as ruthless in dealing with rebels or court dissention as his father was. I keep wondering when he’s going to get around to actually helping the people of his nation rather than exacting vengeance for the insults he has endured.

Amy: I would think that after this many years Yeoning would have taken care of all of the haters but the biggest one, Yi In Jwa, isn’t out of the picture yet. That guy. I’m so frustrated with how many times Yi In Jwa has gotten away. Like, this is your biggest enemy guys. I realize your king just died but couldn’t you just handle Yi In Jwa really quick? I just want him gone already! I’m enjoying Dae Gil predicting In Jwa’s moves and coming up with strategies to stop him though. I’ve said it before but Dae Gil is smart and I know he is smart enough to surpass In Jwa.


Marakeshsparrow: I’m done. I can’t believe In Jwa keeps escaping death. Everyone dies but the one person who should. When they saved him from that post, the guards literally just stood around and watched as he jumped onto a horse. Nope. Can’t handle it. The frustration is too strong. Now Dae Gil has 5 days to bring him in. If he does it in 5 days, I’m going to be super pissed. It’s taken all this time and now they’re just going to wrap it up. Whatever.

Cici: I know, right? I’m interested in how Dae Gil will turn around the hearts of the people that Yi In Jwa has won over by his lies, though. I have enough faith in Dae Gil’s intelligence that I think it should be a final battle of wits worth watching.

Amy: I’m thinking the people that Dae Gil has helped before will come to his defense and I agree that the battle of wits will be interesting. I can’t wait for next week and for everything to be wrapped up. I just want In Jwa and the people associated with him gone. I’m really hoping that they highlight Yeoning’s accomplishments somehow too. It would be really nice if Seol Im gets a hug from Dae Gil as well. Just sayin’.


Marakeshsparrow: I was wondering what the story with Seol Im is. She and Dae Gil were happily doing laundry together and seemed fairly cozy. Does that mean things progressed and we just don’t know about it? LOL Or has it been all these years and she’s still just like a sister to him? One sided love? Because that stinks.

Cici: And why was she so happy to see Hwa Jin again? I thought they were rivals for Dae Gil. When it comes to romance in this drama, I am totally lost. The one sweet romantic moment so far has been between King Gyeongjong and his wife, and that was short-lived. No pun intended. But speaking of which, Yeoning should have been paying more attention to her. She is convinced he had something to do with her husband’s death, and she is gunning for him.

Amy: Oh yeah. She is not going to let Yeoning go. In Jwa has a powerful ally in her. I’m wonderinn if Dae Gil will have to try and convince her somehow that she should stop. If so that will be a hard sell. You can tell the whole situation has been brewing inside of her and she wants her revenge.


Marakeshsparrow: I just love how she popped up out of seemingly nowhere. I mean we saw he had a queen at his coronation, but then it was like she disappeared and there was never any mention of her until that first moment. Now she’s suddenly a player and after Yeoning. Ay-yi-yi. I guess they’ve got to add some extra stuff to keep the plot going. Like now there’s also a “rightful” heir, the grandson of the old old king?

Amy: I was surprised by the grandson too. It was like they just pulled him out of nowhere. I want to know why he is so willing to be king. It’s like he was waiting for the opportunity but needed someone he could team up with. Well, we gotta have a big battle for our finale don’t we?


Cici: Not if Dae Gil has anything to say about it. He’s really worried over the fact that Yi In Jwa has amassed a following of 200,000 followers. And he had a good point when he asked Yeoning why so many people would risk their lives to follow In Jwa just for a bit of land and a secure source of food. It is time for Yeoning to step up and help his people, or he will lose to anyone who purports to be willing to do so. And calling out the army to put down the rebellion will just result in a huge bloodbath. Here’s hoping that Dae Gil can put a stop to it!

Amy: Dae Gil has to do it so that we can get a Dae Gil and Yeoning hug as Dae Gil is dying from protecting Yeoning. I actually don’t want that to happen but that might be what turns Yeoning around. I’m ready to see what happens whatever it is!

Cici: Nooooo! No dying! How about just a “Hyung!”?

What do you think? Will we get any bromance or romance? Will Dae Gil be able to stop In Jwa without Yeoning? What else could In Jwa have up his sleeve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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