What can be more satisfying than good triumphing over evil, the death of wicked traitors, and a rebellion quelled with barely the loss of a drop of blood? Not to mention the return of our favorite bromance! Join Amy and me, Cici, as we review the final episodes of Daebak!

Cici: These last two episodes were intense! So much happened, and while some of the events came as a surprise, most of them brought the drama to a satisfying conclusion. The one thing I found disturbing was the way In Jwa was still able to harm King Yeonjo even after his death. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Wasn’t the way Dae Gil ended the rebellion brilliant? That three-part plan was truly masterful.

Amy: Yep. Dae Gil went through a lot of changes during the course of Daebak. He went from a relatively carefree guy in his early 20s to someone who was able to outsmart the formidable In Jwa. There for a while I was getting so frustrated because it looked like In Jwa would keep coming up with something no matter how many times his plans were foiled. I was so happy that Dae Gil was able to stop him without involving the military and losing even more lives. I was also proud of King Yeongjo for listening to and trusting Dae Gil.


Cici: Yes! Yeongjo was in a really difficult position. While he agreed to trust Dae Gil to stop In Jwa’s rebellion within five days, he had to be ready in case Dae Gil’s plans failed. It was suspenseful right up to the last minute. I really loved how Dae Gil persuaded the people who had joined with In Jwa out of desperation to abandon the fight. In the long run, it is easier to feed people than to fight them.


Cici: AND we even got another gambling scene! Yay!

Amy: I did appreciate that we got another gambling scene. Dae Gil must have been practicing for his gambling skills to still be so keen. It was awesome to watch him beat In Jwa at gambling. Could you tell that In Jwa’s man was ready to take In Jwa out? I was so ready for it but it was pretty cool when Dae Gil said that In Jwa’s body belonged to the people. I was just so ready to see In Jwa gone.

Cici: Me, too! But I had a question about that gamble. Dae Gil said that he never gambled unless he knew he would win, but how could he know which side of the coin In Jwa would bet on? He gave him first choice. I know it was the coin that had saved Dae Gil’s life earlier, but was it originally “loaded” so it would always land one side up? I’ve been distracted, I know…


Amy: I think Dae Gil was just believing that In Jwa’s time was up. I mean, he could have known what In Jwa’s choice was but I didn’t catch that. I’m just glad that it was time for In Jwa to go. Of course In Jwa still had something up his sleeve even after his death. I did not appreciate that. Yeah it made the story a little more interesting but I also would have liked to see everyone moving on and happy. Just sayin’. I think we had had enough of In Jwa by the end.

Cici: The way he convinced the Queen Dowager to poison Yeongjo’s young son was pure evil. It was absolutely heartwrenching to see Yeongjo’s reaction.


Cici: In Jwa tried to weasel out of it right up to the end, when he thought the ministers who had sided with him might rescue him. I was beyond relieved when that didn’t happen. But I’ve got to admit that I had a hard time watching his execution. That was gross.


Amy: Executions are gross. In Jwa’s was especially gruesome but I think that is because he was so bad. In Jwa really lost it after Dam Seo died though. He kept saying that it was okay to kill innocent people because it was a sacrifice for a new nation. Also, when he lost so many men he still thought he had a chance. I really think he had snapped and was not all there anymore. I guess greed will do that to you.

Cici: I found the way In Jwa’s closest allies turned on him to be even more satisfying than his death. When Jin Ki tried to kill him, I jumped up and yelled. Fist pump!


Cici: I understand why he was stopped, but the scene he had later with Che Gun was so good. And I loved, loved, loved it that Che Gun recognized he had changed and let him live.


Amy: Yes. I loved the scene with Che Gun and Jin Ki too. I could tell that Jin Ki wasn’t all bad so I wasn’t surprised when he had had enough of In Jwa. Che Gun was one of my favorite characters. He is so wise about life and not afraid to admit his mistakes. I really loved the scene at the end with Che Gun training his son. That was too cute and so typical of a kid with his dad.


Cici: I’m smiling just thinking of it. Che Gun was one of my favorite characters, as well. He would say the most outrageous things with a perfectly straight face, and I’d laugh out loud every time. But when he told King Yeongjo that he needed to leave as a palace guard because he was too old to be able to protect him any more, it kind of brought a tear to my eye. I was so happy to see him training his son to take his place, and remembering the time he had training Dae Gil to become a tiger. Great flashbacks!

Amy: Cici! We also got the promise of a marriage between Dae Gil and Seol Im. I mean, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get a peek of their married life and a baby or two but we got the promise of it! Ha ha! Oh and is it just me or did Seol Im get prettier in the last two episodes? I’m wondering if she got prettier because that is the way Dae Gil was seeing her or if it was just me. Anyway, I appreciate how supportive Seol Im was and also how brave she was too. Not everyone would have been able to step up like she did.


Cici: She’s always been one of my (other) favorite characters. She was brave from the time Dae Gil met her in the salt mine, so I was not surprised when she joined Dae Gil to stop the attack on In Jwa’s men. But the little domestic scenes, like when they were doing laundry together, were my favorite. Some people may think the last-episode marriage was just a case of the writers caving to popular demand, but to me it looked like they had planned on going there from the beginning.

Amy: I think so too. There was a lot that pointed to Seol Im being the woman for Dae Gil but for a little bit I was afraid that Dae Gil wouldn’t last past his fight with In Jwa. I’m glad I was wrong. I was so ecstatic to see the brothers finally listening to and trusting each other and even becoming friends. Sure we didn’t get our bro hug but we got a scene of them standing in a field so that is good enough, right?


Cici: Standing side by side, surveying the kingdom they were both dedicated to protecting? Yeah, I’ll take that as a happy ending.

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