Welcome back, everyone! This week we met Dae Gil, Yeongjo, and Dam Seo! Now we have to hurry up and wait to see what will unfold, but until then, we have a lot to discuss, so come and join us!

Amy: Gae Ddong really must be fated to do something great because he managed to escape death so much even as a baby! Now, I have a question. If you were a mother holding your baby and an arrow was flying at you would you just stand there? I’d be putting that baby down and taking the arrow myself!


Cici: I understand that perspective, but I think culturally the belief in fate was just too strong for her to fight against it. Plus, there were more arrows in that quiver. I am wondering if Yi In Jwa deliberately missed, or if that arrow sliding between Sook Bin’s arm and side was just further proof that no one was going to kill either of them until their fate had played out. And meanwhile, poor Baek Man Geum just made another failed bet. He really should find another line of work!

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Gae Ddong really has some insane luck. You’d think some of that would rub off on his parents! Both of them have had some really tough luck (though Man Geum mostly creates his own bad luck). But I felt so bad for Sook Bin after the Queen caught wind that she’d been out of the palace at night and put her in a (what would you call it? Rain barrel?) for three days! According to this drama, Jang Ok Jung was one scary lady! But it didn’t look very good for her once it came out that Sook Bin was pregnant again, and thankfully Man Geum was smart enough to know he was being watched and switched Gae Ddong with another baby “by accident.” So, I need help from my historians again (last week there were some amazingly informed comments) --was this scenario historically accurate or just for this drama? As in, was this how Jang Ok Jung got deposed? I’d be interested to know!

Amy: I was scolding Man Geum when he was walking back to his house with the baby thinking it was actually Gae Ddong he had so I was relieved when that was not the case. Jang Ok Jung should have known better than to mess with a lady the king had a special interest in. I mean, I get that she didn’t want Sook Bin around but she should have thought of a better way. Get more evidence or something. It was fun to see a happy, carefree Gae Ddong who just wanted a wife but I guess he is in for a character change now. Man, that last scene was hard to watch.

Cici: Wait, wait, go back to happy Gae Dong. Wasn’t it so cute the way he fell for Dam Seo at first glance? She literally bowled him over. And I kind of love the way he just went after her. At first I thought that the way he barged in on her and Yi In Jwa showed incredible arrogance, but when he was willing to take Dam Seo’s punishment for her, my heart just melted. He is really sincere. And that beating was no joke! But what really got to me was he told Dam Seo that he only needed acknowledgement from one person, and that was her. Ah, true love!


Marakeshsparrow: How did I know he’d end up falling in love with Dam Seo? Their parents all had a complicated backstory so /of course/ they’d end up getting entwined. By the way, who is that other young guy that’s always by Yi In Jwa? He was sparring with Dam Seo and he looks a lot like her father… is that coincidence? Did I miss how he’s connected to all this? Anyway--happy Gae Ddong! He was too funny! He’s such a buffoon at this point in the story (I mean, he has a great role model). But it killed me when he was crying to his father about being so insignificant. Poor kid, I’d seriously hate to be named Gae Ddong (I can’t believe Man Geum called him that for so long!) If only he knew who he really was! Not insignificant at all!

Amy: I’m sorry. I got ahead of myself because of my excitement. I’m also sad at the thought of happy Gae Ddong leaving. His love for Dam Seo is adorable. He was completely swooning and I loved watching him do it. You know you’re in love when you see a person’s face in the moon! I also loved watching Gae Ddong’s relationship with his dad and grandpa. Their celebration after he was made a noble and given the name Dae Gil was so much fun and I totally wanted to be there celebrating with them until, you know, gambling shark lady and her goons showed up.


Cici: That is one scary lady. Hong Mae always smiles right before she tries to kill you. Her relationship with Yi In Jwa seems a little strained, as well, but I really don’t understand why she has it in for Baek Man Geum. I was so sad to see the celebration end so quickly. Speaking of endings, I was also sad to see the little bromance that started when Gae Ddong first met Prince Yeongjo end so quickly, as well. Did anyone else notice how the womanizing, hard-drinking Yeongjo fell for Dam Seo? Goodbye, bromance, hello heated rivalry!

Marakeshsparrow: No! We can’t say goodbye to bromance yet! Since they’re actually brothers… haha. I loved the little glimpses we got of the prince. He’s so smart and yet he’s wasting away with his gambling and drinking--are we sure he wasn’t Man Geum’s son? Hahaha. Anyway, I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes. And I know we’re still at the beginning of the drama, but I’m already dying to know when and how (because it HAS to happen) that they find out their brothers. Soooo juicy!!!

Amy: I just want to know all of the things right now. I hate waiting. You all should know that because I will probably complain (whine) about waiting a lot. Yeongjo is way too smart to be Man Geum’s son. Hee hee. I like his character already. I mean, the fact that he was drunk but could still gamble...What isn’t to like? I also liked the little understanding Yeongjo had with is mom. I want to know more of the little plot they have going between them.


Cici: I really am surprised at myself at how much I like the “bad boy” Yeongjo. I think you hit the nail on the head, Amy, when you said how smart he is. He really thinks outside the box, and is able to figure out a way to win that defies the assumed rules. Add to that the fact that he has seen no reason to excel at anything worthy, knowing that he is just superfluous in the court politics at this point, and he’s quite a sympathetic character. Dae Gil is going to have to step up his game if he is going to go up against him successfully.

Marakeshsparrow: But must they go up against each other??? I’m already sailing the Dae Gil/Yeongjo ship of brotherly love. Hahaha. I’m hoping they eventually join forces and take down Yi In Jwa together. Again...I guess we’ll just have to be patient. #frustration

Cici: Yi In Jwa is another really scary person. I couldn’t understand his motivation for killing poor pathetic Man Geum, until the preview gave us a little insight. He believes two things: that Dae Gil is fated to become king, and that suffering makes a person stronger. Apparently he sees his own role as the person who will make Dae Gil strong enough to rule the country. But he also wants the throne for himself. This is all very confusing. Patience...not my strong suit.

Amy: I guess we’ll all be in this wait together since we’re only four episodes in. Group hug!

What do you think? Will Dae Gil change into a completely different person? Have we lost our chance at bromance? What will happen to Dam Seo? Are you as excited as we are to find out what will happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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