Welcome back, gamblers! This week we got to see just how resilient our hero, Baek Dae Gil actually is—it seems like nothing can keep him down! But will he really be able to gamble his way to the top and take on Yi In Jwa? Join Cici, Amy, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss this week’s episodes of Daebak.

Marakeshsparrow: Wow... I don’t even know where to start with these last two episodes… I can’t really focus on anything past the fact that Dae Gil got his a** HANDED to him constantly throughout 5 & 6. I mean, how much can one person take? OK, I guess let’s start with his whole show down with Yi In Jwa. I don’t know about you ladies, but I kept thinking Dae Gil needs to learn when to stand down. But I guess he felt like he had nothing else to live for? What an intense exchange though! He bet that he could survive falling off that cliff after already being stabbed several times with his limbs broken? COME ON! The man’s insane. Haha. What did you ladies think?

Cici: I think he never learned the meaning of “stand down,” and he went on to prove that throughout these two episodes. He’s been raised to be a gambler, and he’s also used to betting his life. Perhaps someone told him he couldn’t be killed, or maybe he just came to that conclusion on his own. Either way, the amount of physical and mental abuse he manages to spring back from is truly amazing. But I’ve got to say that what I really admire is his sense of justice. When it comes to doing the right thing, he has no fear.

Amy: Dae Gil is all around impressive. I noticed that people are drawn to him too. Everywhere he goes someone notices that look in his eyes and they want to be near him and help him. That speaks to Dae Gil’s character as well. If Dae Gil could get himself to work out a plan to avenge his dad instead of just leaping into it I think he could really do something. I guess that is kind of the direction we’re heading in, though, especially with the mysterious swordsman guy.

Marakeshsparrow: So I know all these hardships Dae Gil is going through are meant to be character developing, but I found it REALLY gratuitous. I mean, I get it, the guy’s got a lot of growing to do. Did he have to get crapped on so much (literally)? Good lord. 

Marakeshsparrow: The good news is, I think he’s definitely on his way to being quite the adversary, but boy oh boy are they trying to get through his development quickly. I think the writers were like, “Quick throw everything possible at him all at once to make him into the Tiger everyone keeps calling him!” Anyway--the mysterious swordsman really interests me. Was he working at the Demon’s salt field? Or did he just happen across Dae Gil a few times? We know he teams up with him eventually, and I’m hoping he teaches Dae Gil some important lessons on patience and “holding your cards.”

Cici: I absolutely love Ahn Kil Kang in everything he does. I’m more used to seeing him play the perfect father, but I’ll take mysterious swordsman as well! My theory is that he’s been following Dae Gil around--at a discreet distance--ever since his mother gave him up. I’m not sure whether she hired him to do it, or whether it was the king--maybe it was even In Jwa. But he certainly has a way of showing up at exactly the right moment to save Dae Gil’s bacon!

Amy: That snake Dae Gil ate. Yuck. I get it but yuck. I’m thinking that Yeongjo feels a connection to Dae Gil too but I’m not so sure he’ll be thrilled once he finds out what it is. I mean, he saved Dae Gil when he was all beaten down because of In Jwa. Now I’m wondering if Dae Gil knows who Yeongjo is and also if Dae Gil sees his mom will they have an instant connection? So curious.

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhh! You brought up my favorite part of this drama so far! (Not the snake eating) The Dae Gil/Yeongjo Ship of Brotherly Love! I think Yeongjo is definitely drawn to Dae Gil, but he doesn’t know why. I was holding my breath when Sook Bin went to go check on the “mysterious person” Yeongjo had brought to the palace to get treatment. If only he hadn’t run off so quickly! Do you think she would have recognized her own child? I found it interesting that she was having his fortune told--that means she knows he’s still out there somewhere. I seriously can’t wait for these two brothers to figure out the truth! I don’t think Dae Gil knows who Yeongjo is, but there was some mutual intrigue going on for sure.

Cici: I’m curious about just how much Dae Gil remembers. Apparently he really did suffer some memory loss while he was in the salt fields, but he certainly remembers In Jwa and his connection to his father’s death. Wasn’t it clever (in a sort of evil way) how he trapped In Jwa into getting caught cheating? He’s really out for blood, and if that means taking In Jwa apart piece by piece, he seems okay with that. Interesting how that puts evil gambling house matron in such a difficult position. If I recall correctly, In Jwa actually owns the place. Will she be forced to go through with enforcing the gambling rules against the owner?

Amy: Well, rules are rules right? I’m sure In Jwa will find a way out of it but if those really are the rules his hand should be cut off. I think Dae Gil is going to have to find another way though. I forgot to mention Seo Rim, the girl who helped him at the salt fields! I was so hoping Dae Gil would find a way to bring her with him and get her away from there. Maybe he will still be able to find a way.

Marakeshsparrow: I think Dae Gil will find a way to help her out. Something interesting about her though--she mentioned that her family was brought down because of “that gambler”... I wonder who she meant? My first thought was, “what if her family was somehow ruined by Dae Gil’s dad? That may not be the case, but I’m thinking she’s more connected to Dae Gil than it currently seems. Also, I’m pretty sure In Jwa is going to find a way to get out of losing his hand, but I LOVED seeing Dae Gil step it up. I’m also wondering how much he remembers (maybe he got his full memory back and is just keeping it on the down low?) --but whatever the case, it seems like he’s already smarter and more wily than before. Go Dae Gil! I want to see more of him being clever and forceful and less of him getting his butt kicked.

Cici: Did you notice that Yeongjo was there at the gambling house watching everything unfold? I’m with you two--I really hope that he and Dae Gil discover their relationship and work together. So far, they have the best chemistry of anyone in this drama! And they both seem to be sincere in their love of justice and loyalty to family. It seems like Yeongjo is truly concerned for his half-brother, the Crown Prince’s health. And I also think he’s sincere when he says that he’d rather be the one who protects the crown that the one who wears it. So maybe the two brothers really can team up and work together.

Amy: I really want them to get along and work together! They’re awesome together.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Yes! Yes! Can’t wait for them to work together. I have a feeling they may team up even before they know the truth about Dae Gil’s identity. And I agree, I think they definitely have the best chemistry in the drama so far. Though I was also enjoying Yeongjo’s moment with Dam Seo when he pulled her behind that curtain! Is it already clear cut that Yeongjo’s the second male lead? Because I may already be developing SLS (second lead syndrome)...

Cici: Ah, you and me, both. I’m pretty much a sucker for any role that Yeo Jin Goo plays...the man just oozes charisma. But I have to say the Jang Geun Suk is holding his own. I haven’t really seen his appeal in his previous roles, *ducks to avoid the rotten tomatoes being thrown* but hold your fire! I get it, now. Okay? I’m just so happy with this entire cast and the way the writers are utilizing them. I can’t wait for next week!

Who else can't wait until next week? //raises hand wildly// How will Yi In Jwa get out of losing his hand? And what will happen to Dae Gil next? I can't even imagine after these last two episodes. Guess we'll just have to wait and see! Let us know what you thought about all the brutality against Dae Gil in the comments below, and join us again next week for Daebak Drama Club~

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