When evil seems triumphant, what’s a hero to do? Both Dae Gil and Yeoning are willing to fight injustice, but they may have underestimated the power of their adversary. It’s time to get stronger, boys, and round up your posse.

Marakeshsparrow: Well I thought these episodes were a mega step up from last week’s. No more weak Dae Gil that gets stepped on wherever he goes. He’s fighting back! And learning some actual self-control and skills--thank God. I’m so glad that he’s teamed up with Kim Che Gun (the epic rebel swordsman MASTER) and is training to be a worthy adversary. I have a feeling Dae Gil is going to be a force to be reckoned with when he finishes his time under Che Gun.

Cici: "Under" Che Gun, hehehe. I absolutely loved the way he found Che Gun and told him that he was going to be his pupil, but that he was going to die that night, so he should save him. And it worked! Can I just say that the entire scene where he confronted The Demon was so...what? Inspirational! At first I was afraid he was just going to get another beating, and even worse, be responsible for the deaths of all the workers he told to run away. But when he called out for Che Gun to appear, and he did… oh, my heart. And then when he was joined by all the workers returning to help in the fight, well, that was when I realized that Dae Gil had already become a force to be reckoned with. Fist pumps!!!


Amy: That scene was inspirational and satisfying! I was so ready for The Demon to be gone. Dae Gil kind of reminded me of Sambong from Six Flying Dragons in that scene the way that he anticipated what would happen and how he made it clear that he is for the people. Oh and I was way too happy when they put The Demon in that tree. It was also funny because of their little tiger joke. Poor male tiger. I can’t blame the guy for being mad about no ladies being around.


Marakeshsparrow: That part seriously had me worried. When they captured Seol Im and brought her back, I thought “Oh great, a big part of the reason he went back and set everyone free was because of her and now she’s not even going to get away.” But the whole “uprising” was pretty epic and I loved when she burnt all their slave contracts.


I honestly liked the chemistry between her and Dae Gil over Dam Seo...but...there’s a good chance he’ll never see her again. Oh and speaking of Dam Seo--I loved when Dae Gil told her he took back wanting to marry her because she was serving Yi In Jwa, the man that killed his father. THANK YOU. She needs to get her head on straight and quick--she’s working for the wrong side!

Cici: I think the writers may be going to change who Dae Gil ends up with, based on Netizen reactions. Everyone seems to like Seol Im better with Dae Gil, and she did say that they should be sure to meet again. Foreshadowing? Yes, please!


In Dam Seo’s defense, she has based her entire life on the lie that Yi In Jwa told her as a young child. He’s the one who killed her father, yet he has the gall to blame it on the king? Wow. But at least Yeoning was successful in planting the seed of doubt in her mind.

Amy: Oooooh! I would be so happy if Dae Gil ended up with Seol Im instead of Dam Seo. Dam Seo is pretty great in her own way but I prefer Seol Im with Dae Gil and Yeoning with Dam Seo. I can see Dam Seo thinking everything over in regards to her father so I’m hoping that when she goes to kill the king she’ll have a change of heart since the king isn’t actually the one who killed her dad. Oh and I forgot to mention earlier how disappointed I was when In Jwa didn’t lose a hand. Lame. It was cool how Grandpa figured out how In Jwa knows which card is which though and watching Dae Gil teach himself to be the best card shark.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh, Yi In Jwa //shakes head// What a master manipulator. And apparently he also has the ability to tell cards apart by their weight…? But it amazes me how he is so easily able to manipulate everyone around him. He’s got the Crown Prince under his thumb, has Dam Seo totally brainwashed and now also just acquired that beastly ex-guard who’s the only person in Joseon that’s Che Gun’s equal (or so he says). Is anyone else already getting tired of In Jwa’s know-it-all puppet master ways? Which really doesn’t bode well since we’ve got how many more episodes of him manipulating his way towards his revolt? Ay-yi-yi.

Cici: Yi In Jwa definitely plays a long game. I can’t help but grudgingly admire his foresight. Think about it--he killed Dam Seo’s father and “adopted” her so he could mold her into the perfect weapon. He went to the Crown Prince Regent when he was just a frightened little boy, and managed to win his heart by promising to protect him. He has even had his hand in Dae Gil’s life since he was an infant, and he’s obviously planning to use him as well. I’m so glad Dae Gil has Che Gun on his side, but the fact that In Jwa is having him followed and knows his every move has me a bit nervous.

Amy: Che Gun is just awesome. I love how immodest and blunt he is. I think that Dae Gil will listen to him and also that Che Gun will help with strategy. I think that those two will make a good team. I’m also looking forward to the fight between Che Gun and Jin Ki, the guy that In Jwa has acquired for his newest weapon. I really like that actor.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m really glad that Yeoning isn’t falling for In Jwa’s bull. He tried to manipulate the second prince as well, but he’s too smart and knows too much. I was so happy when he had them all arrested for gambling, though in my heart of hearts I knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep In Jwa under arrest. He’s got too many people eating out of the palm of his hand. Even Yeoning still isn’t strong enough to go up against him. In Jwa fought him when he was only using a wooden sword and he still couldn’t take him down. #Frustration. Cici, I get why you kind of admire him, it is pretty amazing how long he’s been planning this and how deep his influence goes, but I hate when the bad guy always wins and the little guys can’t ever get a step up! I’m already ready for the tables to turn, but I feel like we’ve got a few more episodes of Dae Gil and Yeoning losing out…


Cici: Both In Jwa and Che Gun taught the same lesson, just to different brothers: you can’t do anything by yourself. In Jwa has spent years...no, decades, building his network of minions who are only too glad to accept his bribes in return for their support. That network is really like a tree with deep roots. Oh, wait, wrong drama. Anyway, now both Dae Gil and Yeoning have been schooled, and they have a little bit more of an idea of what they are up against. I’m just waiting for the day when Dam Seo realizes she’s been deceived, and joins the two of them against In Jwa. But in the meantime some different battle lines have been drawn.


Amy: Yes! I can’t wait for next week! I yelled at my computer when we didn’t get a preview for the next episode. How am I supposed to wait patiently without a preview? 

Well, Gamblers, what do you think? Has Dae Gil seen the last of his friend, Seol Im, or are they fated to meet again? Has he developed the skills necessary to take on Yi In Jwa? And if he truly can't be beaten by someone working alone, will Dae Gil combine forces with Yeoning and Dam Seo to defeat him? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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