A life-changing revelation shakes the foundations of Dam Seo’s world like a heavy stone cast into a quiet pool. Her decision, in turn, affects the lives of both Yeoning and Dae Gil, and the ripples will touch many more. Join Amy, Marakeshsparrow, and me, Cici, as we chat about the latest developments.

Amy: Is it just me or does it seem like In Jwa is slipping a little bit? He doesn’t seem as impressive as he did before. I think he knows that he is slowly losing, too, but doesn’t want to admit it.

Cici: His loss of Dam Seo was a major blow, but you’re right, he absolutely doesn’t want to admit it. I can’t believe how arrogant he is. He admits to being the one who killed her father, yet insists that that was his choice, and that it should be hers, too. Good for you, Dam Seo, for flat out telling him “No!”


Marakeshsparrow: I was really impressed with Dam Seo’s strength in that moment. Yi In Jwa is an incredibly powerful and intimidating man. For her to be able to stand up and walk away from him really raised my opinion of her. As far as In Jwa goes--I have a feeling this won’t be all that much of a loss for him. I mean, did you see those guys he corralled? They look like they’ll be fairly intense adversaries. (P.S. I love that Kim Sung Oh has a cameo in this as Cutter. He’s such an amazing character actor! He killed me in Jeju Island Gatsby!)


Amy: I’m hoping that one of those guys In Jwa gathered up will come to Dae Gil’s side. Ahem. Cutter. Please. Anyway, I was impressed with Dam Seo too. The fact that she left instead of being pulled in again made me like her more. I was still hoping that Dae Gil would be over her but, you know, she is his first love and all of that so I don’t think he’ll ever be able to let go.

Cici: True, but she is also Yeoning’s first love, and he is really having a hard time letting her go. In fact, he can’t. I kind of swooned when he carried her off into the woods and spent the night with her. For medicinal purposes, of course.


Cici: And the fact that Dae Gil more or less forced him to do it...ah, noble idiocy is alive and well in Joseon. He obviously still cared about her, but either couldn’t get over the fact that she was still working for In Jwa, or actually believed that Yeoning would be better for her. Ack! I’m so torn!


Marakeshsparrow: I am so on board with the Dam Seo/Yeoning pairing! I feel more chemistry between them, but maybe that’s just because Yeo Jin Goo is so good at being DREAMY. I really love his acting, he always impresses me and his portrayal of Yeoning is proving to be another amazing performance. I really loved his night in the woods with Dam Seo--she seemed to let her guard down with him as well, so I have hope that maybe she won’t end up with Dae Gil. Not that I dislike them together… But I also am shipping him with the slave girl from last week’s episodes. ^_^

Amy: Another reason we may be feeling the chemistry between Jin Goo and Dam Seo more is because they have touched more and they have actually spent more time together. I also want Dae Gil to be with the girl from last week’s episodes. I hope she makes an appearance soon. I found it impressive how quickly the king caught on to who Dae Gil is. The king isn’t a guy to be trifled with. I don’t imagine much getting past him.

Cici: The king knows everything. Which explains how he has survived so long. Yes, he is brutal, but he knows exactly how people think and act, and how to manage them. It’s noteworthy that he is the one “tiger” that Yeoning is actually afraid of. The king recognized Dam Seo right away as well, and even remembered her real name. Now that’s impressive. I can’t remember what I went into the kitchen for after I leave the bedroom.


Marakeshsparrow: OK 1) I am so intrigued by the king. And he is so sharp. I love that nothing ever gets past him. From the beginning he’s known exactly what everyone is up to at all times. Awesome. 2) You two brought up my absolute favorite scene in this drama so far. The moment where the King recognized Dae Gil and gave him his sword. That was so intense! The way he stared at him after Dae Gil came into his “throne area” (don’t know how to describe that) had me practically holding my breath. If I were Dae Gil I would have been so shocked and confused! I think Yeoning was as well. I seriously cannot wait for the two of them to figure out they’re brothers.

Cici: It’s like it’s right there in front of them--the king knows it, Sook Bin knows it, and so does Yi In Jwa. Even Che Gun has said that Dae Gil reminds him of the king. And the interaction between them is so much like siblings. I had to laugh when Yeoning called Dae Gil to task for speaking informally to him, and was rebuffed by the “Yeah, but you’re obviously younger than I am,” routine. But they’re still treating each other with respect, which is why Dae Gil gave the medicine to Yeoning for Dam Seo. He knows that he’s better for her.


Amy: Dae Gil has gone from a young teenager type at the beginning to a man now. I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow up and when he finally completed all of his training aaaaaah! It was so bittersweet. Saying goodbye to his master was like having to leave his dad all over again but he had accomplished so much in such a short period of time that it was great to watch.

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Second favorite moment was that exchange between Dae Gil and Yeoning. They really were just like brothers in that. These two are killing me. Seriously the most interesting pairing/plotline in the drama so far. And I’m so glad that Dae Gil has completed his training and is actually capable of standing up against Yi In Jwa and his cronies. Also, we know he’ll see his master again. I wonder how they get reunited?


Cici: Can I just say here that I really appreciate the little touches in this drama? The cinematography has been absolutely gorgeous. I even loved how they showed how four seasons had passed while Dae Gil was perfecting his martial arts skills and getting ready to come down from the mountain. And I don’t know how they did it, but he actually looks like he matured a year in that time.

Amy: He really did look like he matured! I think it is makeup and lighting that made him look more mature. I am really excited to watch Dae Gil take In Jwa down one gambling house at a time. I really can’t get over how quickly Dae Gil learned to be a better card shark. I know he has dedication but you also need a sharp mind to be able to learn so much so quickly.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m wondering what both he and Yeoning are up to. It seems like they both have started some plan to take down Yi In Jwa, but I don’t think either of them are aware of each other’s plot. That whole part with “Yi In Jwa’s mask” was interesting. I like how Yeoning is plotting more under the table and Dae Gil just goes straight to face him on his turf. He’s definitely a tiger.


Cici: I was surprised when the king forbade Yeoning from going after Yi In Jwa because he had murdered the head merchant. Is it a case of telling someone what they can’t do, then letting them figure out what they can? I find it hard to believe that both Yeoning and Dae Gil are using In Jwa’s mask without having planned it together, though. It’s like they’ve figured out how to attack him from multiple sides by working together. Makes me wonder what has happened that we don’t know about yet...and again, no previews! But like the king says...


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