Historical Korean dramas are partly so popular because they feature gorgeous period costumes and stunning sets, and fans of this genre will not be left disappointed by Jang Geun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo's upcoming drama Daebak in this regard!  Ahead of its March 28 premiere, the drama has released another batch of beautiful posters that are guaranteed to make any historical K-drama fan fill to the brim with anticipation! 

Here we have Jang Geun Suk looking every bit the part of a disowned bastard prince in disguise who is bent on regaining power: 

And playing the part of a spoiled royal brat, Yeo Jin Goo makes the perfect villainous younger brother: 

Enter our mysterious and beautiful female lead, played by Im Ji Yeon:

Then we have reigning King Sookjong, played by veteran actor Choi Min Soo: 

And veteran actor Jun Kwang Ryul as a rebel leader seeking power of his own: 

Next we have cast posters centered on the theme of gambling for power: 

And finally posters featuring the whole cast in amazing historical garb against stunning backdrops:

Are you a Korean historical fan who is eagerly anticipating the premiere of Daebak?


Daebak premieres on DramaFever on March 28. Add it to your queue now!