Upcoming drama Queen of Ambition, also called Yawang, has everyone curious about its plot line. Both Queen of Ambition and the drama Daemul, or Big Fish, are adapted from Park Inkwon's manhwa Daemul—and, to make matters slightly confusing, Kwon Sang Woo is in them both, but playing two different characters! Queen of Ambition stars Su Ae as an ambitious woman determined to shed poverty and become the first lady, and Kwon Sang Woo as Ha Ryu, a prosecutor willing to do anything for Su Ae. In Kwon Sang Woo's previous drama Daemul, he played Ha Do Ya, a man who dies off in the manhwa AND who has a brother by the name of Ha Ryu! In Daemul, Ha Do Ya was the right hand man of Madame President, and now in Queen of Ambition, Ha Ryu will be the hopeless romantic for Su Ae who is determined to become the First Lady of Korea. A little confusing, right? To add even more twists and turns, actor Lee Jae Yoon has been cast as Su Ae's stepbrother, who may secretly be in love with his little step sister. Then we have TVXQ's Yunho joining the cast as a younger man who is desperately in love with Su Ae's character AND who happens to be the son of a corporate CEO. Looks like there will be a lot of room for manipulation in this politically motivated drama. In the manhwa, Ha Ryu is orphaned as a child after both his father and brother are killed for political reasons by the president's men. Lee Il Hwa will be playing Kwon Sang Woo’s mother figure, who raises him at an orphanage where he and Su Ae grow up together. According to the manhwa, Ha Ryu decides to find out the truth about his family's death by gaining access to the Blue House. Based on the manhwa, Ha Ryu begins as a gigolo and then joins forces with Madame President. He plans to perfect his father’s secret recipe and try to get into the Blue House that way, or work with a presidential candidate and make sure she gets elected, so that he will be brought into the Blue House with her. Civil rights lawyer Seo Hye Rim jumps into the political race with Ha Ryu and becomes the first female president. At first she’s suspicious, but somehow he manages to convince her, and as they work together, he becomes her right-hand man and they grow closer. It seems that the drama will veer away from the manhwa's plot at points, but will still stick within the confines of a dramatic series filled with betrayal, ambition and painful love. With Kwon Sang Woo returning in another Daemul installment, and as the brother of his previous character, we'll have to find out whether there is an intended connection or simply a play off of the dramas' shared characters. Queen of Ambition is coming very soon to DramaFever, and you can sign up for series alerts here! Will you be watching? (Source: www.dramabeans.com)