damo_newsA powerful and moving drama about one woman's quest to attain both honor and love, Damo is a blockbuster MBC series that ushered in a new wave of period dramas focusing on strong female characters. Also known as The Undercover Lady Detective, it was the breakout role for Ha Ji Won, who starred as the courageous, dedicated female detective Chae-ok. The historical period is set in the Chosun dynasty, when policewoman were regarded as low-class and women in general lived restricted lives.

After her noble family is overthrown and separated, Chae-ok (Ha Ji Won) becomes a servant in another noble household. There she is trained to serve the young master Hwangbo Yoon (Lee Seo Jin). When Yoon becomes a commander in the police force, Chae-ok becomes a damo, or policewoman, under him. The two quickly develop a complex relationship, but are held back by social ties. When Chae-ok is assigned to infiltrate a counterfeit ring as an undercover detective, she finds herself drawn to Jang Sung-baek (Kim Min Joon). She learns the mysterious, charismatic Jang Sung-baek is not the leader of a counterfeit ring but a guerilla army to overthrow the Emperor. Now, Chae-ok is torn between her duty to the law and her attraction to a rebel leader, and the love of two very different men...


Highlighted by stunning cinematography, high-production special effects, and exciting action choreography, Damo set a new standard for historical dramas. The fate of one extraordinary woman torn between two forbidden loves will change the history of the dynasty itself.

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