This video of a dancing American college student is currently going viral in China, and has already received over 300,000 hits in three days. The video has Chinese people wondering why it takes a "Laowai" to dance across China and bring happiness to the more than 1 billion Chinese people.

The term "Laowai" is a friendly nickname describing a foreigner, although Jake Gaba might be more aptly described as dancing rainbow pants. (Actually, those colors remind me of Windows 8.) He went to China on a Dartmouth College study abroad program and recorded his 100 days of dancing across the country, not just in front of famous landmarks such as the Forbidden City, Terracotta soldiers, and a Buddha statue, but also in beautiful natural scenes. He also danced next to regular people and got them to dance and laugh along with him.

I can see why this video is so well liked by everyone. There's nothing risqué or extreme in the video. I like his dance moves and this would be great to use as a wake-up exercise video. There is one question, as asked by a viewer: how did he survive on one pair of shorts for 100 days?