Men who use trains, buses or other forms of public transportation on a date should give up and stay single for life! That's what one columnist in Japan advises, and her comments are causing an uproar. In fact, the author says "taking the train or bus on a date has got to be a joke." The self-professed "cool-to-the-MAX girl" gave her thoughts on guys who ask her out and use public transportation. She is NOT having it. Asking a lady to board a subway, train or bus on a date is not just laughable, she says: "forcing a girl to take the train on a date is practically abuse. Yes, it’s a form of violence." The hopeless men who spend 210 yen on a train ticket and expecting gratitude will not find it coming from the author. "I wish they would go into self-imposed exile in a jungle somewhere and never return to civilization," she writes, adding that the thought of riding a bus on a date makes her physically ill. Potential suitors are advised to pick up the author in a taxi or their own car, adding "if it’s your car, make sure it’s nice and roomy, not one of those puny little mini-cars." [poll id="52"]