The incomparable David Bowie took to his facebook page yesterday to give a shout-out to five Japanese celebrity tastemakers who voiced praise for his latest album, The Next Day. Included in the post (and seen above) is a picture of Bowie at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo taken in April of 1973. Here's a look at the people he thanked:


Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician/Composer/Producer/Singer/Actor/Activist) appeared with Bowie in Nagisa Oshima's film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. He called the album "a dialogue with the past self in the second person."


Mr. Tomoyasu Hotei (Famed Guitarist) had the opportunity to tour with Bowie back in 1996. He called the album "a time capsule for us who have left our futures behind in the past. He lives for the next day, and that is totally 'rock n roll.'"


Mr. Kansai Yamamoto (Fashion designer) is one of the leaders in Japanese contemporary haute couture, most well known for his avant-garde kimono designs, worn by Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane tours. He said, "as a fellow creator of his contemporaries my mind was filled with a delightful sensation of happiness. Likewise, I am sure this album will grab the hearts of people around the world." images Mr. Masayoshi Sukita (Photographer) has been taking photos of Bowie since the 1960's, including shooting the cover art for his "Heroes" single). He said he has "always been inspired by his vitality and is imaginative power." e2f9dfa605a19c91994a84e3c908b9b8a7130111 Ms. Yasuko Takahashi (Stylist) first met and befriended Bowie working with him on Mr. Sukita's photoshoots. She called the album a lovely surprise, saying Bowie "gave us a very big surprise after a decade of silence. I will let myself in this energy and keep on living my life." For more on David Bowie's new album, click here. What's your favorite Bowie track from over the years?