David McInnis DramaFever favorite and IRIS/IRIS 2 star David Lee McInnis will make his Kdrama return as Ninja Master Kageshima in GU FAMILY BOOK. David McInnis 2 A leading ninja master in Japan, Kageshima is a scary character who goes around assassinating mercilessly without shedding any blood or tears. In the middle of the story, he encounters the powers of Lee Soon Shin (Yoo Dong Geun) and ‘Choi Gang Chi’ (Lee Seung Gi). David McInnis 3 Completing his first filming on the 9th, McInnis determinedly said, “I'll make an effort to blend in well with the beautiful story and image. I will do my best to show good acting.” David McInnis 4 Becoming well known through drama ‘Iris 2’, and movie ’71: Into the Fire’, this will be McInnis’ first time acting in a historical drama! David Lee McInnis will be making his first appearance in Episode 12 of GU FAMILY BOOK, here on DramaFever. (source: naver blog cupitter, naver news, asia news)