Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds posted some hilarious messages and won much laughter from Taiwanese fans. The Canadian-born actor has arrived in Taiwan to promote his new anti-hero action movie, Dead Pool, which premieres on January 21 in Taipei. Let's take a look at his fun posts.

Before he left for Taiwan, Ryan posted in Chinese: "Even though I'm a foreigner, Deadpool has invincible spirit. I will challenge duck blood and stinky tofu."

In case you didn't know, duck blood and stinky tofu are local favorite snack foods. Even though I'm originally from Taiwan, I cannot stand to eat duck blood myself. Stinky tofu, however, is really delicious but can be quite a challenge to people not familiar with authentic Chinese cuisine.

Ryan continued to have fun. He showed off his shrewd knowledge of local politics with this post: "Taiwan!!!!! I am Deadpool. I want to apply as lead vocalist for Chthonic."

Local fans immediately chuckled because the lead singer Lin Fu Yang (Freddy Lim) of the heavy metal band Chthonic has been elected as a legislature official representing a large district in Taipei. Lin has said he would continue to tour, but it looks like the band might just get a nice new replacement in a Hollywood star.

Ryan has also proved that he's really standing in Taipei with a photo of him in front of the unmistakable landmark Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world, as he issued another challenge: 

"Taiwanese fans, even though my Chinese is vegetable (pun for "bad"), I am definitely your dish. Bar none! Come check out my six packs on Jan. 21's premiere. Deadpool shall triumph! "

The Deadpool star also demonstrated his cultural taste. Here is Ryan Reynolds in front of the world famous and acclaimed National Palace Museum:

What he said on Twitter was a bit "stronger": "Got to see National Museum! Despite jet lag making the whole world feel like a concussion had sex with a cloud."

Do you think Ryan has a smart translation app or an excellent interpreter?

Taiwanese fans are certainly lucky because Taiwan is the only stop in Asia for Ryan Reynolds's promotional tour. 

The fervor and enthusiasm that Ryan Reynolds has displayed has definitely won fans' hearts and support in Taiwan. Expect Ryan to continue his fun posts to Twitter and Instagram as he continues his promotional tour for Deadpool.

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