Being a mom can be tough, especially when your children are making decisions that you don’t agree with. Coming to terms with their decisions and supporting and loving them is the ultimate goal, but there are usually blocks in the way. Come discuss this week's episodes of Dear Mom with Wendilynn and me (Amy).

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Amy: I was proud of Mom for not throwing a huge fit when she saw Yi Wan and Xiao Fei kissing. I was half expecting her to break up but I think seeing them kiss got her thinking about their relationship and how much they care for one another. I think meeting the farmer at Xiao Fei’s office showed her that Xiao Fei really isn’t a bad guy too. You could see the wheels turning in her head even before she went and met Wasir.


Wendilynn: I think that meeting with Wasir helped also. He reminded her that she only gets Yi Wan’s affections for a short time. Yi Wan’s happiness will come from her husband and future family, not her mother. Mom couldn’t live Yi Wan’s life for her or dictate it for her. For the clingiest child she has, letting go has been a struggle for her. I felt sort of sad for her when she came back with all those wheat gluten cans and talked about how she hasn’t been a good mom. You could just feel the heartbreak as she realized she was hurting her child more than helping her.

Amy: Yeah. That is part of being a parent. You have to learn hard lessons just like your kids. Sometimes you have to go through more hard lessons than your kids. She has a supportive husband who will help her, though, and I know that really helps. Their little interaction when they were getting ready for bed was adorable. That grandpa can really move! Ha ha!

Wendilynn: lol, yeah, he’s a spry one. He may not have been the best financial provider for the family, but you cannot doubt his heart where they are concerned. Like when he got the future sons-in-law all together. Not that they all realize that yet, but that they all saw themselves as protectors of that precious family just made me want to cry. What a treasure those boys are and how much they care about that family and about how Mom was going to handle the divorce news just made me fall in love with all of them all over again.

Amy: I was honestly getting a little tired of the slow pace of this show but these episodes made me like it again. It was awesome to watch the love that everyone shares of each other and the family. Mom took the divorce as well as she could under the circumstances and I thought it was funny how she teased everyone when she and An Qing got back. Mom is pretty awesome.

Wendilynn: Slow is right, but I find that keeps me marathoning these episodes because I keep thinking they are shorter than they actually are. lol. I also loved how Mom reacted to the divorce news. I expected her to make it all about how she failed as a mom, and instead she supported her daughter and reminded her that she is not a failure just because her husband was a jerk. She really rose to the occasion and gave her daughter what she needed.


Amy: She was very sweet. Now that An Qing has everyone but Qing Qing’s support I think that it will be easier for her to start healing more. She’s already made progress but obviously has a ways to go. Mom will definitely be a great support. I also thought it was cool that Mom offered to take a single mom in when An Qing told her about her friend’s divorce to test the waters.

Wendilynn: That was the clue An Qing needed to know she could tell her Mom. And I agree, it helps a great deal. Especially as An Qing needs to now face Qi Le feelings. His drunk call to her was so cute.

Amy: Qi Le is just too cute. The way that he called her when he was drunk and treated Jerry during parent day was way too sweet. I agree that An Qing probably isn’t ready to date yet but I wish she would let him get a little closer. I think that if they develop their friendship her feelings will follow.

Wendilynn: She just needs to trust herself again and that takes time. Her confidence was seriously shaken. But at least we’re not getting hysterics and having her deny all interactions between him and Jerry. The look on his face when Jerry was calling him “Daddy” for that Daddy Day at kindergarten was just heart-melting. I’m developing a huge crush on Qi Le.

Amy: I’m already there. Ha ha! I think that I have a crush on all of our guys except for Qing Qing’s boss, Ji Kuan. I could do without scenes of those two. If I have to sit through another scene of them staring at each other I will lose it. Ha ha!


Wendilynn: No arguments there. He’s doofus of the first order. Besides the most chaste affair I think I’ve ever seen portrayed on TV, he can’t even make up his mind one way or the other. I wanted to strangle him at the end of episode 45. The most they did all weekend was hold hands and maybe a kiss, maybe, and then he wants to break up with her as they return to reality. If only all affairs were so chaste.

Amy: I mean, he wants their love to stop there with the end of the weekend but I can’t even feel the love between them. It’s like watching two people who have been friends forever trying to be in a relationship together just because they want to know what it feels like. No chemistry. I’ll be happy if that is as far as their affair goes though. I don’t want them to get in too deep.

Wendilynn: I can’t quite agree there is no chemistry. His eyes burn too hot in some of those scenes for me to buy that. However, they are both so restrained that I’m not getting any sense whatsoever of how this show wants to develop these two. This is a family show so are they really going to allow an actual sexual affair or not? I just can’t tell what the writers are trying to do. Is this supposed to be a cautionary tale for the audience? Is this just a quirk that Mom will have to step in and right or will Qing Qing finally wise up? I just can’t tell what they want to do with this couple.

Amy: It might be both a lesson for the audience and something for Mom to stop. Who knows? Anyway, did you notice the cute relationship between Dad and Crazy Dog Qin developing? They were quoting poems to each other and just being adorable and funny.


Wendilynn: Crazy Dog Qin is just adorable. Let’s face it, he’s so freaking cute in everything he does. Even when you wanted to wring his little neck during some of those shenanigans. But he’s so loyal and sweet and hilarious that you want him around just to see what he’ll say next.

Amy: I want to see him with a girl, though! How adorable would he be with a girl? I think that Yu Hang is getting cuter too. It’s funny to watch Xiao Xi hug and cling to him despite her parents’ protests. If Yu Hang gets a girlfriend I don’t think Xiao Xi will know what to do with herself.

Wendilynn: I love the curious little look Yu Huang gets on his face when he is feeling serious and then he sees Xiao Xi. He doesn’t realize how he feels about her, but you can see that she is starting to confuse him and catch his notice. And now that she is being a more mature version of herself, she is someone he can take seriously. She’s not just a flighty little princess.


Amy: Yep! I love seeing how much Xiao Xi has matured! She annoyed me at the beginning but now that I’m seeing her acting more like an adult I like her a lot more. She is very caring and helpful even if she does make mistakes here and there. Who doesn’t right? I’m excited to see if Yu Hang and Xiao Xi start liking each other.

What do you think of all the trials Mom had to go through and the lessons she learned along the way? Do you relate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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