Will the expectations the girls of Dear Mom have meet up with their reality? Come discuss the latest happenings with Wendilynn and me (Amy)!

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Wendilynn: Yi Wan is certainly giving herself a lot of burdens by obsessing what it means to be “the perfect wife”. I had to start laughing. It reminded me when I was first married.

Amy: Yeah. You get all of these ideas built up in your head about what a wife should do but when you actually get married sometimes you just don’t meet the ideals you had. I felt for Yi Wan but I wish she would listen to Mom and An Qing! They had good advice about how to keep everyone happy. I think Yi Wan just has to experience it for herself.

Wendilynn: Yeah, once practice experience kicks in and shows you what is really necessary or not, then you can relax and enjoy things more. I have a funny feeling that Yi Wan’s nerves are going to slow things down and be frustrating for her lover. lol


Amy: Xiao Fei is so much more patient than I would ever be. I have to give him props. It must be from putting up with his mom’s shenanigans. She did dress him as a girl. If Yi Wan would just listen to Xiao Fei she wouldn’t feel so pressured. He just wants her to be his wife. I was a little concerned thinking they were rushing into a marriage because of Xiao Fei’s mom but I soon realized that wasn’t the case. I had to laugh at Mommy’s diagnosis though. This is why we need to learn how to use our words better, Mommy! Ha ha!

Wendilynn: She did make it sound like she was dying. Seriously, she encouraged them to over-react. lol Watching her and Mama Li arguing over the cake was just goofy. They eventually found the right solution with the two cakes, but geez. I’m so glad American weddings have less traditions. lol

Amy: Me too. I think that their traditions are really interesting but I’m glad we don’t have to worry about them. The whole time they were arguing over the cake I was wondering why they didn’t do a traditional and Western style cake. It’s a good thing Dad was there! He seems to be the voice of reason when Mom is being stubborn about something.

Wendilynn: They really are a good match. I think both families will be close friends eventually. I’m really glad that Qi Le won his race against An Qing. I love that Qi Le is ready to fight his mom for her. Not that I support fighting families, but if you decide on a future spouse, you need to be willing to back them up.


Amy: Exactly. It won’t be an easy road for them but it is an important step. Qi Le needs to show his mom that he is serious and knows what he wants even if she opposes. He hasn’t done that yet so it will be shocking and will probably make his mom more stubborn but it will probably improve their relationship in the end. I’m hoping his mom will realize he can make decisions regarding his life and trust him to do it. It’s too bad his big sister won’t help him but I get where she is coming from too.

Wendilynn: Well, there is still a huge stigma over divorce and other people’s children there. It would probably be different if he was already divorce with a kid of his own. But since he’s never been married, they seem to be big in dramas about having everything perfect. Seriously, they take “happily ever after” perfection expectations to its limit in these dramas.

Amy: Yep and I totally get why there will be opposition to his relationship. I just wish they’d get to know the person first. Anyway, did you get a kick out of Mom and Dad wondering about Xiao Xi’s relationship with her friend? Hee hee! They were so unsure of how they wanted to handle that situation.


Wendilynn: I had to laugh. Have you noticed that Xiao Xi likes to drape all over people? Her family, her friends, her boyfriend. You’d think they’d be used to it by now. lol There is no way I’m going to believe she’s never behaved this way with her other friends. lol

Amy: I know! Maybe her parents just haven’t noticed because they weren’t paying attention. Ha ha! I behave the same way as Xiao Xi when I’m close to someone. So uh when will we see Xiao Xi’s potential man again? I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see any progress in that maybe relationship. Someone who did make an appearance, though, was Ji Kuan’s wife! I was actually happy to see her. I seriously yell at Qing Qing every time she comes on the screen.


Wendilynn: I actually ended up having a beef with Qing Qing about her resolve. What’s all this nonsense about “going to hell” and then she folds the minute anyone finds out. Of course, she should be second guessing herself about her bad choice, but if you are going to consciously go through with it, you should not wimp out when your big sister confronts you.

Amy: That is very true. Honestly I’m just not liking Qing Qing much at all right now. I get that she is in love with the guy and decided to be with him so it will be hard to break off the relationship but I don’t think she wants to try. Yeah she questioned herself but I don’t see her breaking up soon. I definitely think Ji Kuan’s wife was trying to stake her claim though. That whole scene was pretty uncomfortable to watch.

Wendilynn: Call me callous, but I don’t have much sympathy for Ji Kuan’s wife. She ditched him on Christmas. She’s run off and had all this fun and did not do what she needed to. Clearly Ji Kuan and his wife used to be close and I just couldn’t help feel that she abandoned him a little.

Amy: Their relationship just needs to end. Ji Kuan needs to work up his courage and have a talk with his wife to end things since neither of them are vested in it anymore. Unfortunately marriage just does not live up to our expectations and can’t be mended sometimes. It is fortunate, however, that the ladies of Dear Mom have their parents to look to for an example of a strong relationship.

Wendilynn: Well, I can understand why she wouldn’t want to divorce because that is a major hit to her status. But, I just don’t feel she really wants to work on it either.

Amy: Marriage takes work. You can’t just ignore each other and expect everything to be okay. I guess Ji Kuan and his wife need to learn that lesson. 

What do you think? Will everyone's expectations meet with reality? Will Qing Qing's relationship with Ji Kuan work? Will Yi Wan be the perfect wife? Will An Qing get Qi Le's mom's approval? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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