Love is in the air! Come discuss the various ways our Dear Mom characters have shown love in episodes 25-28 with Debo and Amy!

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Amy: The girls’ dad loves his family so stinkin’ much and he is just adorable in how he shows it! He is supporting An Qing through her divorce, helping Xiao Xi while she struggles with An Qing’s divorce, and even flirting with his wifey! I love it. It was especially adorable when he tried to kiss his wife but she pushed him away because the kids might see. He wanted them to! Ha ha!


Debo: Indeed. The father is so sweet. I love that speech that he gave An Qing. How he realized how much pressure she had on her as both his “perfect” and oldest daughter. He is allowing both himself and the audience understand how much An Qing is struggling with this divorce. He really does care about her and want to help her and comfort her in any way he can. She is seen as a strong pillar for those around her and now that the divorce has happened, her “perfect” facade is starting to crumble.

Amy: I think it is time for everyone in An Qing’s family to know about her divorce but I do understand why she is hiding it. I think that after everyone knows An Qing will be surprised by how much they love and support her despite her perfect facade crumbling. Her family is stronger than she thinks. She just needs to trust them. Well, except for Xiao Xi. She just doesn’t know what to do with herself. Ha ha!

Debo: Haha. Xiao Xi freaking out was pretty funny especially given that she is just so bad at keeping secrets and very dramatic. I am just worried about how the Mom is going to react ot it all. She loves her daughter very much but she also has a very warped view of An Qing and her Ex-husband’s “relationship” that she is very proud of. And I think the news would just hit her very hard.


Amy: It’ll hit her hard but she’ll get over it. Ha ha! I thought it was cute how Yu Hang was taking care of Xiao Xi through all of this. I’m not sure if he likes her in a romantic way yet but he definitely has some kind of feelings toward her.

Debo: I feel like right now it is more of the affection one would show to their younger sibling so I’m interested in seeing how their relationship will blossom! And since we’re talking about blooming relationships, Yi Wan and Xiao Fei have finally confessed their feelings for one another!


Amy: Yay! Xiao Fei was adorable when he finally figured out that he does, in fact, like Yi Wan. He was asking so many questions about why he has done things for Yi Wan and then when it clicked his reaction was adorable! He was ready to cartwheel out of that bed!

Debo: Super dorky but cute at the same time! But now there is of course the obstacle of the fact that the Mom does not want them to be together at all ><

Amy: Yeah...Mom is trying to protect her daughter because she loves her and wants what is best but she should at least give Mommy and Xiao Fei a chance to explain their situation. She went into protective mom mode and completely shut them down.

Debo: Yes, I felt bad for Xiao Fei’s mom when Mom totally just told her to leave their house. She seemed so heartbroken!

And then we have Qing Qing’s love triangle. Ji Kuan has admitted her love for Qing Qing (just not to her face) and now Xiao Fei’s assistant has told Qing Qing that he will wait for her to fall for him.

Amy: Sigh. Do we have to talk about them? Qing Qing needs to clear up her feelings for her boss and he needs to do the same. It looks like he is trying since he is avoiding Qing Qing but who knows how long that will last? I get that you can’t control your feelings but when you’re married there are lines that should not be crossed. I’m pretty sure he loved his wife at one time so he should respect her and control himself. I’m just glad we have a cute romance to look forward to because of Xiao Fei and Yi Wan!

What do you think drama clubbers? Did you feel the love in episodes 25-28? Are you as excited as we are that Xiao Fei and Yi Wan are finally together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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