We've all seen just about every kind of cute key chain and cellphone strap possible. But for those of you who aren't into all that cuteness and enjoy a little gore in your life, here are some different accessories for you and your phone.

Kyoto Kagaku, a company with a 120 year history of using their scientific know-how to market health and lifestyle products and services, has come up with a novel use of all their research and expertise. They entered the world of key chains and cellphone accessories.

In Japan, almost every young person, especially female, will have accessories and little decorations dangling from their cellphones. Up until now, most all of these accessories were of the cute kind, whether little animals or colorfully designed ornaments. But thanks to Kyoto Kagaku, with their new set of SCIENCE TECHNI COLOUR straps, now you can hang skulls, brains, hearts and other anatomical displays from your device. The complete collection of six sets, two colors each, is available on Amazon for 2650 yen, or about 25 dollars.

If you see a girl with these hanging from her phone on your first date with her, at least you'll know what you might be getting into!

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