Taiwanese romance drama, Deja Vu, has quickly risen to rank number one for weekend dramas ever since its start. Recently, it secured its highest rating yet with a loud slap!

In episode 6, through a series of accidental mishaps, Yo Xi's foot was cut and so she could not perform her dance. Hai Lin ended up dancing a beautiful ballet solo so that the charity event's guests would not be disappointed. When Yo Xi found out, she was very angry and accused Hai Lin of deliberate sabotage. While Hai Lin tried to explain, Yo Xi slapped her.

When Yo Xi slapped Hai Lin, it was very loud and Hai Lin genuinely looked hurt. As it turns out, this slap was real. It was not a "pretend slap" to fool the viewers. Here is the behind the scenes video, starting from the time marker at 5:20 to 6:45, which shows the two actresses, Mandy Wei and Jenna Wang, practicing the slap.

In the video, we first see the director explaining how and when to slap. Then, after a (fake) slap during practice, Mandy asks whether it should be the left or right cheek. The director says that where Jenna hit was correct. They continue the practice, and this time the slap is real. Mandy's scream is loud and her face is red. They stay in character and continue.

As painful as the slap was, misspoken words inflicted even more pain when Xi Wei took Yo Xi's side and blamed Hai Lin in the show.

Will Hai Lin finally give up and leave the company? When will Xi Wei realize the truth? Fans may actually prefer Fang Qi Xiang, the designer who has been very sympathetic and helpful to Hai Lin. Episode 7 has just been released on DramaFever. Let's see what happens next.

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