As the romance drama Deja Vu reaches its final episode this weekend, I have very mixed feelings about my prediction for the ending. This show has been unconventional in its telling of two lovers suffering at the hand of fate. Their true love keeps trying to bring them back together, but will fate win over with a cruel ending?

Deja Vu started with a most enchanting first episode in which viewers got to enjoy seeing Hai Lin and Xi Wei's romantic moments, instead of waiting for a dozen episodes like most Asian dramas. However, the twist here is that Xi Wei died due to a horrible car accident. Hai Lin was so saddened by the tragic loss that she was ready to follow him by throwing her own life away. At the crossroads between life and death, Hai Lin was met by an old man who claimed he could bring Xi Wei back to life, but Hai Lin would have to give up something most precious in exchange. It turned out that she would lose the ability to dance as a prima ballerina as she went back to the time before love, before she and Xi Wei met. This is a quick summary of the first intrusion of fate.

In the ensuing episodes, we viewers patiently went through Hai Lin's sufferings. Since Xi Wei didn't recall her in the alternate past, their reunion went through many challenges to finally bring them together in love again. However, fate dealt them another blow. This time, in an eerily similar auto accident, Hai Lin died. To bring Hai Lin back to life, Xi Wei also gave up something that was most precious to him, which was Hai Lin's unwavering love for him. In this second go-around of amnesia, Hai Lin lost all memory of her everlasting love for Xi Wei, even though everyone else around them still recalled it. Xi Wei stayed persistent and tried to help Hai Lin remember.

Just as it seemed that Hai Lin was starting to fall in love with Xi Wei again, here came the third blow from the cruel hand of fate. Xi Wei agreed to donate his bone marrow to Hai Lin's evil sister. (I won't dwell on discussing how or why she is evil, just remember that she is evil and if I had my preference, I would have liked to see none of her at this juncture of the drama.) Unfortunately, even though the surgery was a success, Xi Wei stayed in a coma.

So this is where we are going into the finale. A coma! The scriptwriter just doesn't give us any breathing room to feel less angst and more happiness for these two suffering lovers. We've had 2 amnesias and now a really bad coma (is there a good coma?) My point is, what can be considered a good ending when there is only one episode left? What will old man fate do this time?

Normally I would vote for a happy ending, but honestly, seeing how the story has unfolded with multiple instances of ups and downs, I'm afraid the scriptwriter is on the side of old man fate who just doesn't give the two lovers a chance at staying together for a long time. Since I've invested the time to watch 21 episodes so far, of course I want a happy ending. But, and here's the big BUT, I wonder if the mean goddess of a scriptwriter just might be into a perpetual cycle of love and loss as her main theme. Perhaps this story is more about the battle between fate and personal choice than true love.

Is it simpler and easier to just accept fate as is? Or, given the choice, try to relive the past and change the future? It is a good question but probably only in fictions that we can experience this question of fate versus choice, because in real life, we don't get the luxury of going back to the past to fix our mistakes. If you've watched the show so far, you are likely to have accepted the premise of time travel. I do know that I don't want to find out it's all been a dream.

Audiences in Taiwan are just as perplexed as we are, as the show has publicly announced a guess-the-ending event. The prize is the bracelet that Hai Lin wore with the 'Bliss' engraving. Too bad it's limited to viewers with addresses in Taiwan.

What do you think the ending will be? Do you think it will be happy ever after, tragic death, or another reboot back to the time before they met? How about an open ending where we don't really know when Xi Wei will wake up but Hai Lin will wait for him?

DramaFever viewers can watch Deja Vu's final episode on Monday evening. The next Taiwanese drama to come is Aaron Yan's romantic comedy Fall In Love With Me, which promises to gives us lots of laughs. Go here to sign up for alerts.