'Ekiben' comes to NYC! As part of New York City's Japan Week, in coordination with Grand Central Station's 100th anniversary, some of the city's best Japanese restaurants and groceries have taken over the Vanderbilt wing to sell specially prepared bento boxes. 'Ekiben' are special bento boxes sold at train stations throughout Japan. They offer travelers a delicious, balanced meal that is fresh, wholesome and totally portable. Here are some of the ekiben representing prefectures all over Japan, now available at Grand Central Station:


From Sunrise Mart, this is the Haru no Sakura box, designed by Chef Moriyama. Inside you'll find

Chirashi Sushi (shrimp, salted ikura, grilled conger eel, shiitake mushroom, lily bulb, greens) Grilled miso jidori chicken Simmered vegetables (taro, kuwai, pumpkin, yomogi fusuma, carrots) Grilled bamboo shoots Vinegar marinated crab dish with japanese parsley White cherry blossom jelly


Kyotofu's Signature Bento includes: 2 mini tofu burgers made with Kyotofu tofu and topped with shiso and cucumber Matcha chasoba (green tea soba noodles) House made pickled daikon House made taro chips Matcha financiers Sakura brownie


From Soba Koh, a simple and delicious meal of crab meat on rice over a bed of egg, with lotus root and salmon roe.


From Ronin, Eel on rice with shredded egg and pickles.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.15.48 AM

 This is one of Restaurant Nippon's original bentos, the Makunouchi. This healthy box contains: Marinated seasonal vegetables Japanese egg omelette Gently simmered various vegetables in Chikuzen Beef or Chicken a la Nippon Char-broiled filet of fish in season Makunouchi- rice


From Aburiya Kinnosuke, a simple and hearty Japanese Beef Bento.


Hi-Collar's omu-rice (rice omelette) bento contains "Pan-fried rice with fresh tomatoes and Nagoya’s “Cochin” local chicken, wrapped in a thin omelet. Served with pork katsu mini sandwiches and kabocha pumpkin salad."


Hakata Tonton presents Hakata Jidori Meshi (Hakata traditional pedigree chicken on rice).


MEGU Midtown's special Makunouchi bento includes Kobe Beef, Silver cod, pickles, eggs, vegetables and sushi rolls.

If you're in the New York City area, make sure to stop by Grand Central Station by tomorrow to sample these delicious ekiben, the perfect way to liven up your commute!